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  • Pertaining to or of the nature of nirvana.

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  • adjective Pertaining to nirvana; heavenly.


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  • A third sister, Helen (Ally Sheedy), ascends nirvanic heights of passive-aggression as a successful screenwriter in Los Angeles.

    Growing Up and Out of the Garden State

  • The slow way preserves carbonation and avoids that awkward band of foam that forms at the top of a carelessly poured glass and forces one to wait a few precious seconds before taking that first nirvanic sip.

    Wine: Notes from the dump bucket

  • Maybe real cool, the essence of cool, is inner cool, settled awareness, buddha mind, the nirvanic state.

    Dean Sluyter: It's Official: Nobody's Cool. (Kerouac Posthumously Blows It)

  • The result is that people like me have to not only argue against the suboptimal policy, but if we want to really prevent the suboptimal policies we have to nip them in the bud by also arguing against the nirvanic policy-mirage of what-we-could-theoretically-do.

    Libertarian Basics, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • As that discovery dawns, you realize that all the clutter -- even the thought-clutter of your mind and the event-clutter of your life -- is powerless to obstruct the nirvanic relief of Pure Being.

    Dean Sluyter: Your Junk Drawer vs. Nirvana

  • Once again Sullivan gets on bended knees upon his gold-plated knee-pads with hands clasped, his face in a rictus of nirvanic adoration for his blessed black boy, while he esteems to folly and fumble through his own thought processes as to whether or not he's being delusional about his messianic savior.

    Andrew Sullivan reflects on whether he's "delusional" to say that Obama "had an 'objectively miraculous' fortnight."

  • If you are working in any sector where the content can be digitised broadcast, music, newspapers, movies, and er, education then you should repeat the content law to yourself everyday, because it means you have to find alternative revenue streams for when your content achieves its nirvanic state of free and available to everyone.

    Archive 2007-08-05

  • People will begin to willingly or unwillingly, wittingly or unwittingly cannonball into nirvanic group awareness through virtual wormholes.

    Gaze into your Crystal Ball

  • Moreover, the samsaric existence of an individual person is not permanent in the sense of being eternal; nor is the nirvanic existence of an individual person impermanent in the sense of being temporary.

    A Buddhist View of Islam

  • By the force of the karmic aftermath that each being has built up from previous behavior, this deepest level of mind creates all the appearances of both samsaric and nirvanic existence that this being individually and subjectively experiences.

    A Buddhist View of Islam


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  • Nature was, then, a gigantic engine, a vast cyclopean power, huge, terrible, a leviathan with a heart of steel, knowing no compunction, no forgiveness, no tolerance; crushing out the human atom standing in its way, with nirvanic calm, the agony of destruction sending never a jar, never the faintest tremour through all that prodigious mechanism of wheels and cogs.

    - Frank Norris, The Octopus, bk 2, ch. 8

    August 29, 2008