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  • adj. bright; lustrous; shining
  • adj. gay; spruce; fine; said of persons

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Bright; lustrous; shining.
  • adj. Gay; spruce; fine; -- said of persons.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Bright; lustrous; shining.
  • Gay; spruce; fine: applied to persons.
  • In bot, having a smooth, shining, polished surface, as many leaves and seeds.

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  • adj. bright with a steady but subdued shining


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From Latin nitidus.


  • The song boasts a nitid, fun beat, but when asked about its dark lyrics such as, I let them pick my brain, twist my arm, cut my throat and wish me dead ... but I'm still thinking ...,

    Felice Arenas: Ono Offers Lennon's 'Truth' to New Generation

  • Roborant (tending to fortify) and nitid (bright; glistening) failed to shine; they finished last, drawing roughly 550 votes between them. Top Stories

  • At its heart, this attitude embrangles the concepts of "need" and "want"; those fubsy fuddy-duddies with griseous imaginations believe that words no longer in frequent use will never in the future be needed by English speakers and writers more nitid than themselves.

    A Gentleman's C

  • Therefore, I vaticinate that when these fubsy, olid, griseous beards reach caducity and exuviate their mortal coils, the skirr of nitid angel’s wings will not be heard.

    Save the language! « Write Anything

  • 8C.ROEC.HIUS bene de literis hiftoricis t quod Offerhaufii compendium in Gennania \ auélore confdo, non folum accurate et nitid» fedt, fed etiam hiiloriam faeculi a C. N.

    Bibliotheca historica. A.I.G. Meuselio ita digesta ut pæne novum opus videri possit


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  • The truth must at last be admitted:

    Though Donald is beaming and nitid

    Good opinion goes south

    When he opens his mouth

    To leave not a doubt he's half-witted.

    October 2, 2015