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  • adj. Classified or arranged so that a group or person has the same authority as everyone else; not hierarchical.

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  • adj. not classified hierarchically


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ hierarchical.


  • I decided that nonhierarchical, equal sharing would allow randomwalks to achieve more creatively.

    Tom Rielly: Meet TED Fellow Sey Min, Founder of randomwalks Media Art Studio in Korea

  • It is a compelling answer in the post-modern era of nonhierarchical thinking, chaos theory, Wikipedia, the Internet and collective intelligence -- or collective folly.

    In Richmond, a Civil War expert seeks to emancipate history's narrative

  • She is the author of The Book of Blessings, a bilingual re-creation of Jewish prayer in poetic forms, written from a nonhierarchical, gender-inclusive perspective.

    Marcia Falk: Statement

  • Well-meaning military innovators had believed that mixed-rank exercises would enhance career development an dencourage nonhierarchical communication, but the actual result was rivalry and recrimination.

    Serious Power Trips « Isegoria

  • But even within the band, their political structures were remarkably nonhierarchical, and their headmen wielded only limited power.


  • Translated into international relations, this millennia-old discourse represents a tradition that is suffused with a monist political ideology that conceives of world order in fundamentally hierarchical terms, idealizes interstate order as tending toward universal hegemony or actual empire, and lacks a meaningful concept of coequal, legitimate sovereignties pursuant to which states may coexist over the long term in nonhierarchical relationships.

    Christian Caryl On China: The New York Review Of Books

  • But Obama sounded like a cross between a social activist and a flannel-shirted software C.E.O. — as a nonhierarchical, collaborative leader who can inspire autonomous individuals to cooperate for the sake of common concerns.

    Poll: Two Thirds Say Hillary Should Stay In Even If She Loses One Big State

  • The absorption and internalization by halakhic authorities in recent generations of modern egalitarian and nonhierarchical gender conceptions resulted in a different reading and renewed interpretation of the bounds of modesty.

    Modesty and Sexuality in Halakhic Literature.

  • If relatively poor people confronted with extreme scarcity in arid regions can create a stable, collective, and nonhierarchical common pool system, then certainly we can find ways to do so as well with all of the tools at our disposal.

    Randall Amster: Water, Water Everywhere? Sustaining Scarce Resources in the Desert

  • After the reshuffle at State the Bundy staff broadened its senior ranks, but in a nonhierarchical manner that was consistent with Kennedys informality and Bundys comfort in coexisting with strong NSC peers.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office


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