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  • adj. Resembling an ox or some aspect of one: strong, foolish, etc.

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  • adj. Characteristic of, or like, an ox.


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ox +‎ -like


  • The best he could manage was a dull, oxlike misery.

    The Sea of Trolls

  • He goes about his work with oxlike steadiness and eats in silence.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • Francesca removed part of her oxlike client's anatomy from her mouth.

    The Shadow Of The Lion

  • Over by the bar a good-looking boy in the dusty clothes of a trailhand just in from Virginia City and his oxlike older brother had gotten into a vociferous argument over a girl with a dark-haired gambler, their voices rising higher and higher over Ishmael's quiet instructions to Jason.


  • This sally did not appear even to dent Crassus's oxlike composure.

    Fortune's Favorites

  • In their individual stalls only two of the six bulls remained, No. 38, the big sluggish oxlike fellow that G6mez was about to fight, and No. 47, the unshaven one who had killed Sangre A7ul ..


  • These were oxlike in body formation but with three eyes and what appeared to be dromedary humps in the center of their backs.

    Vulcan’s Glory

  • Musk-oxen were also goatlike animals, although larger, and their heavy double coats, which resembled the fur of mammoths and woolly rhinoceroses, made them seem bigger and more "oxlike."

    The Plains of Passage

  • St.ingy Avery Purfle, sideburns slick as seal's fur in the pallid light, Adam's apple working in and out at a nervous four or five cycles a minute, shuffles around his opponent, the serene and oxlike St. John Bladdery, both with runcible spoons in the on-guard position, filed edges bright.

    Gravity's Rainbow

  • In the eyes of the Russians there is that dumb, oxlike resignation of men who have fought for their homeland and lost.



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