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  • v. To pant, to struggle for breath.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To pant; puff; breathe heavily.


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From Scots pech, apparently of imitative origin.


  • Founded around the 12th Century, its name comes from the Purépecha word signifying "Place of Tribute," because in prehispanic times tribute from the towns of the Sierra and the Tierra Caliente were made to the Purépecha Empire in this place.

    The Meseta Purepecha

  • Zacán comes from the Purépecha word meaning "stony place," because the town sits at the transversal mountain range on the skirts of the Volcano Paricutín.

    The Meseta Purepecha

  • But the sailor man advanced till I could hear him actually pulling himself over the breastwork, gasping (or, as we say, "pech -" ing) with the effort.

    The Dew of Their Youth

  • Nothing loath, the men came forward, and with a quiet word of thanks each poured the undiluted fiery liquid down his throat, with what the boy Donald styled a "pech" of satisfaction.

    The Eagle Cliff

  • ¡spÄ›ch … spÄ›ch … pech … ech … ch … h … which can be translated as Success … Rush … Bad luck … Eh … H…

    NAS Panel Report « Climate Audit

  • I think he thocht he was brunt, for he nippit up the water bottle, an 'took a sweech o' cauld watter, an 'then gae a pech like's he'd come ooten a fit.

    My Man Sandy

  • He came spankin 'into my room, an' drappit intil a chair, fair oot o 'pech.

    My Man Sandy

  • ` ` _Bnissez-moin, mo 'Pre, pa'ce que mo pech. _' '

    Old Creole Days

  • He had completed the grave, and had squatted himself on his hams beside the coffin, swinging his body as the women had done, and uttering a low moaning sound, frequently ending in a loud pech, like that of a paviour when he brings down his rammer.

    Tom Cringle's Log

  • So up he rose, with a loud pech; and while the old woman keelhauled me with a poker on one side, he yerked at me on the other, until at length he gave me a regular cross buttock, and then between them they diddled me outright.

    Tom Cringle's Log


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  • "pech" in Hungarian (and in German) means: bad luck

    August 11, 2012