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  • n. Alternative spelling of paedo.


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  • That party, by the way, is commonly known as the pedo party in the Netherlands. what's new online!

  • Police allege Gummo said he had searched on the Internet using the term "pedo" - abbreviation for pedophilia - because he was "curious to see if it was available," court records indicate.

    The Altoona Mirror

  • We are praying that he could wear a partial called a pedo band loop.

    Fake Baby Teeth (Pedo Partial)

  • MaxxLarge: coco ebert: Let's call a pedo a pedo please.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz

  • And I'm sure the idea of pedo sanctioned roleplaying is even harder for most Americans to wrap their heads around than legalizing drugs or prostitution … but legalizing those things has worked in other countries (by that I mean passing out clean needles and offering STD testing has lowered disease and victim rates).

    The Beautiful Kind

  • By modern standards, nearly every man in the book is a "pedo" since their culture idolizes young, newly-flowered maiden beauty in songs, etc.

    Reports from the GRRM moot

  • In court today, Abney admitted he had regularly searched the internet during an 18-month period, seeking child pornography and using sexually suggestive terms such as "pedo," "teen," and "youngteen," the federal prosecutor said.

    New Jersey Real-Time News

  • Plenty of complaints that because this material is non-copyrighted and doesn't (illegally) cross the line, torrent site admins should not only allow it, but even create a kind of "pedo" category to make it easier to find.

    p2pnet news

  • The main problem, of course, is that nobody will discuss the 'pedo' issue sensibly, for fear of sounding (to the rage-filled mobs and tabloid newspapers) as though they're defending pedos and being labelled one themselves.

    Army Rumour Service

  • The problem with the mob is that the term 'pedo' has come to mean the 20 year old squaddie who has shagged a 15 year old after meeting in a pub, perverts who have downloaded a few pictures, and the sort of scum who have raped and murdered 20 kids.

    Army Rumour Service


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  • Ventosidad que se expele del vientre por el ano; borrachera

    October 24, 2007