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  • n. An electronic device that produces special effects on the sound produced by an electric guitar etc.

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  • n. In electricity, a device for bringing alternating generators or motors into the same phase.


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  • This remark was immediately rendered in the Mercan language by his Translator, except for the word "phaser," for which there was no Mercan equivalent.

    The Abode of Life

  • The National Post has a fun article about William Shatner, called His phaser is set to fun.

    December 2007

  • The phaser was a flashlight, with silouette disks of a Klingon ship and other such stuff.

    Star Trek Fan | My[confined]Space

  • "Because a phaser is a pinpoint blast of concentrated light," explained Soleta.

    Dark Allies

  • The cerebral shock from the phaser was our biggest concern, but you responded well to treatment.

    Mind Meld

  • β€œIt looks like you are threatening your captain with a phaser, which is a court-martial offense, Commander.”

    Star Trek: A Rock and a Hard Place

  • I'm guessing the phaser was the Playmates toy version.

    Film Junk

  • The phaser is a ranged weapon -- works better for us geek weaklings who don't want to get our hands dirty. - most clicked links

  • Maybe tagging all the individual frames with characters or events "phaser", "transporter", "klingon", "Neelix" and then being able to pull them up by entering keywords.

    Star Trek Voyager Singularity (fast version) on Vimeo

  • So soon it was "phaser" and "plasma rifle" and "hypervelocity rail gun," as everyone took a quick swing back into fantasy land, which is what Space Opera is all about anyway.

    Death Rays and Disintegrators


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  • Oooh, we have a list for this.

    December 31, 2012

  • In Star-Trek, it's the handheld ray gun which operates like a laser, disintegrates objects, and has a stun setting.

    December 31, 2012