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  • n. A small portable lamp usually powered by batteries.
  • n. A brief brilliant flood of light from a photographic lamp.
  • n. A bright light, as of a signal lamp, that flashes at regular intervals.

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  • n. A battery-powered hand-held lightsource.

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  • n. a kind of light shown by lighthouses, produced by the revolution of reflectors, so as to show a flash of light every few seconds, alternating with periods of dimness.
  • n. a portable battery-powered electric lamp, small enough to be held in one hand; -- it is most commonly cylindrical, but other forms are also made. It is called in Britain a torch
  • n.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A light so arranged as to emit sudden brilliant gleams, lasting but a short time: used for military signals and in lighthouses. See lighthouse.
  • n. A preparation emitting when ignited a sudden and very brilliant light, used in taking instantaneous photographs at night or in a room insufficiently lighted by natural light, etc. It usually consists chiefly of a magnesium powder, sometimes in combination with guncotton.

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  • n. a small portable battery-powered electric lamp


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flash + light


  • (By the way, taking out contact lenses by the light of a flashlight is an interesting experience.)

    June 2005

  • My dad retrieved a flashlight from the truck, and we found the deer within a 100 yards.

    I am a glutton for hunting and war stories. Here is your chance to tell one or two.

  • When those zombies start rolling down the streets, a flashlight is just going to let you know where they are.

    A Tactical Side-by-Side Shotgun?

  • Bloomingdale's: Wagner of Switzerland Pen with built-in flashlight, blade, letter opener, nail file, clip, scissors, and screwdriver for $8.39 + $6 s&h (it says $13.99 but it falls to $8.39 after you add it to your cart)

    Morning Deals - The Consumerist

  • I guessed immediately what the problem was and grabbed a flashlight from the table where they'd been left when everybody went to bed (instead of being stowed away where they belong, hint hint), and headed down to the basement.

    Storm Patrol

  • When I finally had myself together, the hunt coordinator handed me a gun, and we followed my thin flashlight beam into the woods.

    What's Your Weirdest Hunting Story?

  • The closer a flashlight is to an observer, the brighter it appears, while the ever more distant flashlights would look proportionately dimmer.

    Supernovae: Not What They Used to Be | Impact Lab

  • I just grabbed the nearest 3V Li battery I could find (out of my keychain flashlight) and taped it to the leads. » Reviving dead hardware: IBM Thinkpad 600

  • Citizen patrols, etc. A group of people parading around with a cell phone and a flashlight is one hell of a deterrent.

    Garrett Square Redone, Renamed at

  • [For the love of God] I don’t want to come off sounding like Bill O’Reilly but, I’ll admit that over the course of the past week (or so) I’ve found myself a little more hesitant to be finger pointing the problems of our government over this disaster and their response when right now I couldn’t even tell you where a simple flashlight is in my home.

    Bye-bye now « BuzzMachine


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