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  • Of or belonging to phthisis; affected by phthisis; wasting the flesh: as, a phthisical consumption.

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  • adjective Of or pertaining to phthisis; affected with phthisis; wasting; consumptive.

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  • adjective phthisic


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Latin phthisicus, from Ancient Greek: compare French phthisique. See phthisis.


  • Cecilia, who had no difficulty in knowing this pretended schoolmaster for Mr Gosport, was readily beginning to propose conditions for according him her favour, when their ears were assailed by a forced phthisical cough, which they found proceeded from an apparent old woman, who was a young man in disguise, and whose hobbling gait, grunting voice, and most grievous asthmatic complaints, seemed greatly enjoyed and applauded by the company.


  • And in many other diseases people were troubled with swelling, but more especially in phthisical cases.

    Of The Epidemics

  • The form of body peculiarly subject to phthisical complaints was the smooth, the whitish, that resembling the lentil; the reddish, the blue-eyed, the leucophlegmatic, and that with the scapulae having the appearance of wings: and women in like manner, with regard to the melancholic and subsanguineous, phrenitic and dysenteric affections principally attacked them.

    Of The Epidemics

  • In what is called the semi-tertian, other acute diseases are apt to occur, and it is the most fatal of all others, and moreover phthisical persons, and those laboring under other protracted diseases, are apt to be attacked by it.

    Of The Epidemics

  • Early in the beginning of spring, and through the summer, and towards winter, many of those who had been long gradually declining, took to bed with symptoms of phthisis; in many cases formerly of a doubtful character the disease then became confirmed; in these the constitution inclined to the phthisical.

    Of The Epidemics

  • For if a phlegmatic person be born of a phlegmatic, and a bilious of a bilious, and a phthisical of a phthisical, and one having spleen disease, of another having disease of the spleen, what is to hinder it from happening that where the father and mother were subject to this disease, certain of their offspring should be so affected also?

    On The Sacred Disease

  • Victorius gives a serious account of a consumptive, hectical, phthisical woman, who was suddenly cured by the intercession of

    Letter to a Friend

  • Of all those which are described under this constitution, the phthisical diseases alone were of a fatal character; for in all the others the patients bore up well, and did not die of the other fevers.

    Of The Epidemics

  • We must be guarded in purging phthisical persons upward.


  • During autumn, and at the commencement of winter, there were phthisical complaints, continual fevers; and, in

    Of The Epidemics


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