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  • n. A postimpressionist school of painting exemplified by Georges Seurat and his followers in late 19th-century France, characterized by the application of paint in small dots and brush strokes.

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  • n. In art, the use of small areas of color to construct an image.

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  • n. A method of painting in which luminosity is produced by laying on the colors in points or dots which are blended by the eye, invented by French impressionists; a form of impressionism. See the extract.

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  • n. a school of painters who used a technique of painting with tiny dots of pure colors that would blend in the viewer's eye; developed by Georges Seurat and his followers late in 19th century France
  • n. a genre of painting characterized by the application of paint in dots and small strokes; developed by Georges Seurat and his followers in late 19th century France


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French pointillisme, from pointiller, to paint small dots, stipple, from Old French *pointille, engraved with small dots, from point, point, from Latin pūnctum, from neuter past participle of pungere, to prick.


  • The technique -- "pointillism" -- allows Jackson fans worldwide to sign up online to have a dot added in their name.

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  • The portrait is described as a one-of-a-kind work of art being created by Los Angeles celebrity artist David Ilan, who is using a technique called pointillism, that is, making a picture from hand-drawn dots.

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  • This one-of-a-kind work of art is being created by Los Angeles based celebrity artist David Ilan using a technique called pointillism - made from hand drawn dots.


  • His JoinTheDot ™ Presidential Portrait is being created through the unique method of art know as pointillism, where millions of hand-drawn tiny dots join together to form one larger image.

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  • This unique method of art known as pointillism uses millions of tiny hand-drawn dots to create one larger image.

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  • Louise says,? which traditionally would be called pointillism, we call them? pointlessism?.? » WBUR

  • Georges Seurat and Paul Signac took the style of tiny brushstrokes, neatened it up into a more rigorous "pointillism" and used the result to make clean, classical-seeming paintings whose direct influence lasted right up to Paul Klee.


  • To have said "pointillism" would have made it too easy, I thought.

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  • Inspired by the 'pointillism' work Seurat, Douthwaite an devoted McLaren F1 fan considers the piece a real labour of love.

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  • His pointillism, his reduction of "eminent Victorians" to a series of images that fixed them firmly in the popular imagination, rescued biography from its 19th-century imprisonment inside its subjects' own words.

    The Biographers' Biographer


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