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  • n. The act of engaging in politics, or in political campaigning
  • v. Present participle of politick.


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  • James Bow has a series of memes during this election in an endeavor to show us that beyond the politicking is an inherent human commonality among all of us in what we share from either musical tastes, or cinematic delights, or books we enjoy.

    2008 September « Unambiguously Ambidextrous

  • In August, Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne observed that Obama seemed to shy away from politicking and said, "In a democracy, separating governing from 'politicking' is impossible."

    Bob Burnett: After the Disaster: Four Lessons for Democrats

  • The 2,000 pages or so of the Dodd-Frank financial reform act were the result of all-too familiar lobbying, pork-barreling and short-term politicking, fudging key reforms and pushing many decisions off to regulators; the only winners will be the lawyers who have to figure out what it all means.

    How Britain Can Lead the World

  • Behind all this lies twenty years of reactionary politicking from the right, stoking distrust in government -- which can be a healthy thing, of course, but not when it is carried to the point of a blanket rejection of social coherence.

    Deepak Chopra: Glenn Beck and the faithful are attacking faith

  • Because, see, “conservatives” like federalism, and “conservatives” dislike drug use, so Scalia and Thomas were really both just politicking from the bench.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Justice Thomas and Judge Reinhardt

  • Short-term politicking by loud-mouth politicians wishing to secure a 2012 presidential run is hurting America's interests at home by tearing at the seams of social cohesion and tolerance, and abroad by playing into the hands of terrorists and extremists.

    Rahim Kanani: Newt Gingrich Would Be a Disastrous President in 2012

  • This is military politicking from the bottom up rather than from the top down.

    The Activist Soldier

  • A successful reproduction of pointless, boring politicking is still pointless and boring.

    Real Quick

  • As V-Po notes in a much quoted column, the efficacy of church-centered politicking is an artifact of declining religiosity.

    Blue Rage

  • They weren't even allowed to engage in politicking among themselves.

    We Have a Pope!


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