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  • n. A psychological or psychoanalytic interpretation or study of historical events or persons: the psychohistory of the Nazi era.

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  • n. The scientific study of psychology and motivation in history.


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From psycho- +‎ history.


  • Lithwick's thesis about Thomas's psychohistory is intriguing, and may well be right.


  • Therefore psychohistory is simply a view of actual history that allows one to observe and make predictions based upon the ebb and flow of logical knowledge.

    Foundation: The Movie

  • Okay, it’s sci-fi, and psychohistory is about as realistic as the faster-than-light hyperdrives, but anyway, maybe even the view that social models can’t be too deterministic without determinism is wrong, and it actually has no implications at all.

    What Would a Determinist Choose to Do?

  • Once again I remembered having very much enjoyed the idea of psychohistory, and this time I felt the same emotions – although not quite as strongly. » Post Topic » The Foundation Project: The Psychohistorians

  • The premise of the series is that mathematician Hari Seldon spent his life developing a branch of mathematics known as psychohistory, a concept devised by Asimov and his editor John W. Campbell.

    Roland Emmerich To Direct ‘Foundation’ Adaptation

  • -/ It could well be the case that we are subject to allegorical determinism aka psychohistory and in being doomed to repeat history must go through a depression prior to abolition.

    P2P: Saving the world

  • Isaac Asimov's classic Foundation trilogy centers around a scientist, Hari Seldon, who invents a science called psychohistory, which allows the fairly accurate prediction of broad trends in society going for centuries into the future.


  • First, he said he did not like the term "psychohistory," because he did not think it accurate.

    Erikson's Enigma

  • Younger historians began to find Erikson's form of 'psychohistory' attractive.

    The Artist as Analyst

  • In his new book he is writing one kind of psychohistory to reveal, through a lay analysis of Andrew Jackson, the causes, nature, and effects of the vast and ruthless removal of Indians from the eastern United States, and the character and dynamics of Jacksonian Democracy.

    Yankee Doodle Andy


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  • n. Utilization of psychoanalysis to explicate developed motivation of historical events. Termed coined by Freud.

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    April 19, 2009