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  • n. A form of Christian mysticism enjoining passive contemplation and the beatific annihilation of the will.
  • n. A state of quietness and passivity.

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  • n. A form of mysticism involving quiet contemplation.
  • n. A state of passive quietness.

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  • n. Peace or tranquillity of mind; calmness; indifference; apathy; dispassion; indisturbance; inaction.
  • n. The system of the Quietists, who maintained that religion consists in the withdrawal of the mind from worldly interests and anxieties and its constant employment in the passive contemplation of God and his attributes.

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  • n. That form of mysticism which consists in the entire abnegation of all active exercise of the will and a purely passive meditation on God and divine things as the highest spiritual exercise and the means of bringing the soul into immediate union with the Godhead. Conspicuous exponents of quietism were Molinos and Mme. Guyon, in the seventeenth century. See Molinist.
  • n. The state or quality of being quiet; quietness.

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  • n. a form of religious mysticism requiring withdrawal from all human effort and passive contemplation of God


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quiet +‎ -ism


  • But progress, not quietism, is the principle which governs humanity and it is favoured by events of most different nature.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • In all the dispute on what is called quietism, there has been nothing good but the old tale revived of the honest woman who brought a torch to burn paradise, and a cruse of water to extinguish the fire of hell, that God should no longer be served either through hope or fear.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • Staying quiet in the face of political strife is the reigning philosophy in Najaf and is known as quietism, or taquia, in Arabic.

    The Seattle Times

  • Mr. Sistani, the true hero of Iraq's survival and incipient renaissance, is the standard-bearer of the traditional Shiite view of politics called "quietism," which rejects the clerical rule invented by the Ayatollah Khomenei in Iran.

    Coming to Terms With Iraqi Democracy

  • There is something to be said for the ' quietism ' of the Buddhist approach to the question of the Divine .

    Science, Idolatry, and Anthropomorphism

  • Spencer produced the venerable Basil Pennington now deceased with the abbot, whose name I cannot recall, who invented "centering prayer" - a form of prayer that is pretty much associated with "quietism".

    Archive 2006-11-05

  • The fundamental Quaker idea of "quietism," as it was called, or peaceful, silent contemplation as a spiritual form of worship and as a development of moral consciousness, was very widespread at the close of the

    The Quaker Colonies, a chronicle of the proprietors of the Delaware

  • Nor was he born to chronicle the small beer of everyday life in that spirit of contemplative quietism which is bred out of abundant leisure and retirement.

    Studies in Literature and History

  • Church, but inclined towards a kind of quietism not uncommon in the

    Clara Hopgood

  • This may have tended to give an obliquity to the disciple's understanding, or to arrest and dwarf its growth; to fix it in prejudices instead of training it to judgments; or to dispense with its exercise by merging it in a kind of quietism; so that the proper tendency of religion to excite intellectual activity was partly overruled and frustrated.

    An Essay on the Evils of Popular Ignorance


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