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  • n. A Japanese ounce, of the same value as the Chinese liang; especially, an ounce of silver; a tael.

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  • n. the former capital and 2nd largest city of Brazil; chief Brazilian port; famous as a tourist attraction


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  • Yet, Mr. Trippitt feels Mr. Horta-Os ó rio is up to the job.

    A Meteoric Rise for Lloyds's Future Chief

  • As well as being Santander's U.K. chief executive, Mr. Horta-Os ó rio is also currently an executive vice president of the Santander Group, a member of its management committee and chairman of Santander Totta in Portugal.

    A Meteoric Rise for Lloyds's Future Chief

  • Lasic laser surgery, microwave industrial processes, electrons (electricity fr those of you in rio linda) running computers and the internet, etching silicon chips, are very very energy intensive uses of energy.

    REVIEW: The Bottomless Well by Peter W. Huber & Mark P. Mills

  • Bluff or not, swimming in a rio is massively bad idea.

    Resist the Urge

  • Oct 17th, 2002 at 11: 55 am i’ll believe it when i see it. and does this mean that the red lights at the cross streets will be longer, and the greens shorter? trying to cross 29 from barracks rd. up to rio is already a nightmare. glad i don’t live north of town anymore. will

    29 Lights to Get Synched at

  • Marvellous – except that many coffee drinkers don't have the same taste as Davids. for instance, there is something called the "rio note" – a harsh medicinal sensation apparently created by certain moulds.

    Can coffee wreck your marriage?

  • The upside to visiting the rio was the weird feeling of dipping my feet into a river that is as hot as a bath .... being from Canada one usually gets a cramp in their foot even before they have dipped thier toe in a Canadian river.

    Driving Directions

  • Somewhere around the 521st journey down the street, I realized it was what the Venetians call a rio terra, or "dirt river", their picturesque term for a canal that has been filled in.

    Urban Archeology in Venice

  • "I won't -- 'rio' is such a pretty name," said Sarah, making a mental note of it for future use.

    Blue Bonnet's Ranch Party

  • If Alec had felt any resentment at her coming for him, it melted under her light treatment of the situation; and by the time they reached the little "rio" he was more like his usual, interested self.

    Blue Bonnet's Ranch Party


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  • "Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand,

    Just like that river twisting through a dusty land..."

    --Duran Duran

    February 9, 2008