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  • noun The state or quality of being rude.
  • noun Crudeness; roughness; clumsiness.
  • noun Inelegance: lack of refinement or polish; uncouthness; awkwardness.
  • noun Humble position; rusticity; low life.
  • noun Barbarism; lack of civilization or enlightenment; ignorance.
  • noun Coarseness of manners or conduct; boorishness; churlishness; discourtesy; incivility.
  • noun Roughness of weather; tempestuousness; storminess; inclemency.
  • noun Impetuosity; brunt; fierceness: as, the rudeness of a conflict.
  • noun Synonyms Ruggedness.
  • noun Impertinence, Effrontery, etc. (see impudence), surliness, impoliteness, uncouthness.

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  • noun Property of being rude.

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  • noun a wild or unrefined state
  • noun a manner that is rude and insulting


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rude +‎ -ness


  • Adeline thought the term rudeness a harsh one, as La Motte applied it, but she forebore from any expression of displeasure.

    The Romance of the Forest

  • 'And a good master he'll be, though he's a bit too polite, and down upon what he calls rudeness, which is only our way,' said one of the young men.

    Sarah's School Friend

  • COOPER: I assume it's fair to say you have never seen this kind of level what you call rudeness of, I guess, anger in a public forum like this.

    CNN Transcript Aug 12, 2009

  • COOPER: I assume it's fair to say you've never seen this kind of level of what you called rudeness of, I guess, anger in a public forum like this.

    CNN Transcript Aug 12, 2009

  • "Does it occur to _you_ that what you call rudeness may be exactly the sort of wholesome irritant needed by people of your class?"

    V. V.'s Eyes

  • Chiselhurst's town house, for you must remember there was her husband in the background -- a violent man, as you have said; and Lord Donal must have thoroughly angered the Princess by what you term his rudeness in tearing off her glove; and now the Princess will never admit that she was at the ball, so it seems to me that you are wasting your time in a wild goose chase.

    Jennie Baxter, Journalist

  • As between the governor and the Indian orator, the savage had shown himself by far the more mannerly; yet so unwilling were the Indians to break with the English that on the next morning, seeing Shute about to re-embark, they sent messengers to him to apologize for what they called their rudeness, beg that the English flag might be returned to them, and ask for another interview, saying that they would appoint another spokesman instead of Wiwurna, who had given so much offence.

    A Half Century of Conflict - Volume I France and England in North America

  • If it had been a Democrat that had done the same thing to President Bush he would have already been tarred and feathered but Republicans think their rudeness is just fine.

    Wilson supporters to House Democrats: Bring it on

  • No. But the question of rudeness is the subject of thispost.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Disagreement Need Not Equal Discourtesy

  • In fact, in many cases, rudeness is preferable silence.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Discourteous to Wear American Flag Images on Cinco de Mayo?


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