from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. The quality or condition of being impertinent, especially:
  • n. Insolence.
  • n. Irrelevance.
  • n. An impertinent act or statement.

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  • n. Lack of pertinence; irrelevance.
  • n. An instance of this; a moment of being impertinent.
  • n. The fact or character of being out of place; inappropriateness.
  • n. insolence.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The condition or quality of being impertinent; absence of pertinence, or of adaptedness; irrelevance; unfitness.
  • n. Conduct or language unbecoming the person, the society, or the circumstances; rudeness; incivility.
  • n. That which is impertinent; a thing out of place, or of no value.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To treat with impertinence, rudeness, or incivility; affect as with impertinence.
  • n. The condition or quality of being impertinent or irrelevant; the condition of not being appropriate to the matter in hand; irrelevance.
  • n. That which is impertinent; that which is irrelevant or out of place, as in speech, writing, or manners.
  • n. Conduct unbecoming the person, society, circumstances, etc.; incivility; presumption; forwardness.
  • n. In law, matter (especially in a pleading or an affidavit) which is immaterial in substance, and from prolixity or extent is so inconvenient as to render its presence objectionable.

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  • n. an impudent statement
  • n. the trait of being rude and impertinent; inclined to take liberties
  • n. inappropriate playfulness


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

French impertinence


  • And then with more apologies for what he called his impertinence, he took his leave, and I felt altogether very much pleased and flattered.

    Uncle Silas

  • “Much impertinence is hydroscopic,” said the speaker on the translator console.

    365 tomorrows » Translator : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • You think the thing said ‘Much impertinence is hydroscopic’?

    365 tomorrows » Translator : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • 'I never thought well of her, pretending to drink nothing but water; and with that short, dry way, that I call impertinence; but I never thought she could be so lost till last night!

    Hopes and Fears or, scenes from the life of a spinster

  • He expressed in strong terms his annoyance at what he called their impertinence, whilst I could not but laugh at his impatience, as well as at the mortification of the unfortunate pedestrians, whose eagerness to see him, I said, was, in my opinion, highly flattering to him.

    Life of Lord Byron, Vol. 4 (of 6) With His Letters and Journals

  • Very soon after, this anxiety was tinctured with a feeling more severe; he saw her spoken to negligently by Sir Sedley – he required, after what he had already himself deemed impertinence from the Baronet, that she should have assumed to him a distant dignity; but he perceived, on the contrary, that she answered him with pleasant alacrity, and, when not engaged by Mrs. Berlinton, attended to him, even with distinction.

    Camilla: or, A Picture of Youth

  • All the Branghtons called to take leave of me; but I will not write a word more about them: indeed I cannot, with any patience, think of that family, to whose forwardness and impertinence is owing all the uneasiness I at this moment suffer!

    Evelina: or, The History of a Young Lady's Entrance Into the World

  • "I call it impertinence," the lady went on, "and very well-grown impertinence too – from a child like that!

    Melbourne House

  • If someone insults me and I become angry, his impertinence will be the aspect of his behavior that fits the formal object of anger: I only become angry once I construe the person's remark as a slight; the specific nature of my emotion's formal object is a function of my appraisal of the situation.


  • A bold, swelling, arrogant effrontery -- a sort of stark, staring, self-complacent, comfortable, and yet innocent impertinence, which is at once irritating and amusing, aggravating and attractive, and which is exhibited in the greatest intensity in the whisky-john.

    The Young Fur Traders


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