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  • n. A ceramic container used inside a fuel-fired kiln to protect pots from the flame.
  • n. Fireclay used to make ceramic casings.

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  • In ceramics, to place in or upon a saggar.
  • n. A box or case of hard pottery in which porcelain and other delicate ceramic wares are inclosed for baking.
  • n. The cast-iron box in which white iron castings are packed with an oxid of iron, such as hematite ore, to be exposed to the heat of the reverberatory furnace in the process of rendering them malleable.


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Uncertain, possibly a contracted form of safeguard.


  • A saggar is a protective ceramic vessel in which a pot is placed when fired in the kiln.

    New Statesman

  • Enclosing the clay pieces in a saggar for firing could protect them from the atmosphere and could limit damage if a piece collapsed or was otherwise destroyed during firing.

    The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe

  • The weight of a full saggar was approximately half a hundred weight.

    Bottle Ovens

  • ¬†She wanted to make a furious retort, to tell him that she thought the saggar had been inviting her to stroke the bird, but pride prevented her.

    Falcon's Prey

  • Nodding to the saggar, Raschid handed the bird back to him.

    Falcon's Prey

  • The saggar whistled tunelessly and within seconds the Land Rovers were halting, the sag gars climbing out to wait for the falcons 'return.

    Falcon's Prey

  • Both Zahra and Nadia looked round to see whom Raschid was addressing with such controlled fury, and Felicia's face burned beneath the open amusement of the saggar holding the falcon.

    Falcon's Prey

  • A wad of clay laid on top of the saggar rim (fig. 2-127) will seal the saggar and provide a safer setting if the saggar rims and bottoms are not even.

    2. Kilns

  • Before placing the saggar its outside base should be dusted to prevent any dust settling on the glazed ware in the lower saggar.

    2. Kilns

  • As the kiln setting becomes hot by heat transferred by convection this heat will also pass through the saggar walls and reach the pots inside.

    2. Kilns


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  • The pot that's enclosed in a saggar
    Develops panache and some swagger.
    But a pot on its own
    Has truly been thrown
    And limps from the kiln in a stagger.

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