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  • adv. With regard to good clothing or skilled tailoring.


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sartorial +‎ -ly


  • You ever hear the expression sartorially challenged?

    The Bloomsday Dead

  • Rachel's challenge is that she lives in sartorially-challenged Boston (I grew up there, so I can say that) and gets paid a Horn Book salary.

    I have watched Tim Gunn, and I, sir, am no Tim Gunn.

  • But he eventually left and I made it in sartorially appropriate fashion and on time to my next campaign event.

    The Canadian Economy: Successes and Challenges

  • Sandra Bullock - I haven't seen The Blind Side, and I am very suspicious of the hype, but Ms. Bullock has pulled out all the stops this awards season (sartorially, that is).

    The Clog

  • (But whip-smart and funny, too: "This town is what's called sartorially challenged," she cracks, visiting the drab local boutique.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • The styling, worn casually open at the neck and untucked, over a pair of classic dark jeans was, sartorially speaking, the epitome of relaxed male chic.

    David Miliband - from geek to chic

  • Football coaches are often sartorially limited by the threat of frostbite.

    The Tournament, and What I Wore

  • January 8th, 2009 at 2: 08 pm the IDF and Hamas have been “sartorially equivalent”

    Matthew Yglesias » Lacking in Prosal Clarity

  • One of them even wore an Angels T-shirt to the voting meeting, which was a shocking form of electioneering at the polling place, not to mention sartorially inept.

    Howard Kissel: Honoring Edward Albee

  • "Downton Abbey" portrays a fairy-tale way of life in which butlers and footmen appear far better dressed than today's billionaires—many of whom, after making their fortune, seem to want to be sartorially indistinguishable from the most sloppily dressed adolescent rebel.

    The Secret Appeal of 'Downton Abbey'


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  • Richie look for suede, me, I look for leather

    Sartorially we groove, occasional disaster

    For tight black canvas no make for a straight-legged sixties scenester.

    (Mr. Richard, by Belle and Sebastian)

    (As found on B&S's official website)

    November 8, 2010