from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Of or relating to a tailor, tailoring, or tailored clothing: sartorial elegance.

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  • adj. Of or relating to the tailoring of clothing.
  • adj. Of or relating to the quality of dress
  • adj. Of or relating to the sartorius muscle.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Of or pertaining to a tailor or his work.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to the sartorius muscle.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Of or pertaining to a tailor or tailors.
  • In anatomy, pertaining to the sartorius muscle.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. of or relating to the sartorius muscle
  • adj. of or relating to a tailor or to tailoring


From Late Latin sartor, tailor; see sartorius.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From New Latin sartorius ("pertaining to a tailor"), from Late Latin sartor ("tailor"), from Latin sarcire ("to patch, mend"). (Wiktionary)


  • While others believe the solution lies in sartorial blackness and breaking glass: one small group clad head-to toe in black that was seen hurling street cobbles and smashing shop windows.

    If you are going to Copenhagen, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair « Anglican Samizdat

  • Fashion fiends are in sartorial heaven as New York Fashion Week and the Toronto Film Festival attract the biggest style stars.

    Fashion Forward: Blanchett is bright in Armani's Black Lace makeup

  • Little boys and girls and their papás are dressed in sartorial finery.

    next door!

  • So how does Moss deal with being known as sartorial-snooze Peggy?

    Elisabeth Moss Sometimes Wishes Peggy Had Better Taste

  • For the stresses and strains of everyday life, we apparently now require softer, squishier jeans solutions - in fact, we want jeans crafted from a proprietary blend of cotton and spandex that's so bliss-inducing it functions as a kind of sartorial heroin.

    New Haven Advocate: News

  • Along the way, recessionistas found, downturns could provide a kind of sartorial release.

    The Guardian World News

  • For those fashionistas who've been waiting with bated breath to see what kind of sartorial magic Mizrahi would bring to floundering fashion icon Liz Claiborne, you can breathe again.

    Fast Company

  • When he described a video on YouTube of Orson Welles, reduced late in his career to performing in a frozen peas commercial, the troupe hit the stage and acted out a casting session where they need a "sartorial" actor to sell their product.

    Kris Abel's Tech Life

  • Wearing waistcoats and plain tees must be breaking some kind of sartorial rule, but I suppose bikers wear leather ones all the time.

    Chinalyst - China blogs in English

  • This is an observation that I've made about Washington from the minute that I moved here, which is that there is a kind of sartorial style in town -- I mean, obviously, we're sitting here wearing relatively plain Brooks Brothers suits; this is the sort of thing that is worn on a daily basis.

    Hell of a Ride: Backstage at the White House Follies 1989-1993


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  • I don't agree - I always thought and most dictionaries would agree - meaning of or relating to a tailor or to tailoring. Eg. 'sartorial elegance' - meaning good dress sense!

    November 10, 2009

  • I watched that Buffy episode today, seanahan. What a coincidence.

    "Suits are full of joy. They are the sartorial equivalent of a baby’s smile,"
    -- Barney, How I Met Your Mother

    December 8, 2008

  • 'Sartorial Eloquence' is the title of an Elton John song.

    August 19, 2008

  • "I don't suppose you know what led to this sartorial tragedy?", Glory's demon minion to Ben, BtVS episode "Spiral".

    August 31, 2007

  • Goes great with tonsorial. Also, ketchup.

    January 20, 2007