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  • adj. In a state of complete and thorough satisfaction.
  • adj. quelled of thirst or hunger.
  • v. Simple past of sate.


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  • The people who badly need to buy the essentials for survival don’t have the money and the people who have the money are sated from a Gilded Age and are stuffing everything under the mattress for the oncoming Depression they Superrich caused.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Strong Dollar

  • One wag dubbed the sated swine “The Grateful Pigs.”

    Beyond the Bottom Line

  • After I book our passage, I find they have nothin 'aboard to eat except canned salmon, it bein' the end of a two years 'cruise, so when I land in the States after seventeen days of a fish diet, I am what you might call sated with canned grub, and have added salmon to the list of things concernin' which

    The Spoilers

  • : And through her powers, she permitted him a glimpse of a little of what had been done to Van, a glimpse that suddenly made Van's speech about being "sated" and "little white mares" understandable.

    Magic's Price

  • For fifteen or twenty years, Germany was, as Bismarck said, "sated"; but with the coming of the youthful, pushful, self-assertive Kaiser, her aggressive instincts re-awakened and she fell to brooding over the idea that her incomparable physical and spiritual energies were cabin'd, cribb'd, confined.

    Gems (?) of German Thought

  • It's as if they're so acutely aware of the experience, their senses are sated long before their physical hunger is.

    Lisa Turner: Don't Let Shame Be Your Dinner Date

  • We stop eating when we're sated, or else we suffer for it.

    Stoicism, Sophistry and Sodomy

  • I only hope the bullies have sated themselves for a time.

    Harry Lennix: The Vilification of Julie Taymor

  • Portuguese banks' appetite for their government's paper is also sated.

    The EU Bailouts Aren't Over Until They're Over

  • When I was finally sated, she escorted me upstairs to see the rest of the Society, its stairway and walls lined with masterpieces of illustration.

    The Sistine Chapel of Crumb


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