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  • noun A cyperaceous plant of the genus Cladium, especially C. Mariscus (or, if distinct, C. effusum). It is a marsh-plant with culms from 4 to 8 feet high, and long slender saw-toothed leaves.

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  • noun Alternative spelling of sawgrass.


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  • The flat plain of saw-grass marshes, tree-islands, and marsh prairies, with cropland in the north, ranges in elevation from sea level to twenty feet.

    Ecoregions of Florida (EPA)

  • The End. Maryanne kept craning her neck as we pushed our way through the tall saw-grass, trying to watch the tribe of scared-looking chimps that'd been paralleling our track for the last few days, shading her eyes and standing on tiptoe.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • He moved faster, pushing through saw-grass plants and low bushes.

    State Of War

  • Roland pushed the bags of devil-dust into the cleft between two rocks and covered them with handfuls of sparse saw-grass.

    The Drawing of the Three

  • A squad of ten Frenchmen gathered under the fold of a - dune that edged on to the saw-grass of the glacis.

    Sharpe's Siege

  • The saw-grass strand was only two hundred yards across, although it seemed a mile to the boys, who made light of it when they reached the other canoe, but their bleeding hands, torn by the terrible grass, told another story.

    Dick in the Everglades

  • They dragged the canoe through a narrow strand of saw-grass, but were turned westward by a heavier band of the same obstacle, and finally made their camp for the night on a bushy little submerged key, where Ned lay on top of the canoe and was kept from sleeping by the fear of rolling over into the water, and Dick lay on a bed of brush that soon settled into the water with him.

    Dick in the Everglades

  • But when a strand of heavy saw-grass had to be crossed they found trouble to burn.

    Dick in the Everglades

  • To reach the woods they were aiming for the boys left the Indian trail they were on and, after forcing their way through a strand of saw-grass, found themselves on a prairie, bounded on the west by a heavy growth of cypress, oak and other heavy timber, while the prairie itself was made beautiful by picturesque little groups of palmettos which were scattered through it.

    Dick in the Everglades

  • They will help you to dodge the worst of the saw-grass which is likely to be your greatest trouble.

    Dick in the Everglades


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