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  • n. Science fiction.


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Blend of scientific and fiction


  • He also coined the term "scientifiction", later whittled down to "science fiction".

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  • The clich? of Gernsbeckian scientifiction is that technology runs automatically, robotically, escaping from the control of the mad scientist who sets it in motion.

    Review - Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

  • Gernsback’s scientifiction is inextricable from that mode of pulp fiction; it exists within that mode.

    The Great Debate

  • Hugo Gernsback, the sometimes father of science fiction, invented the phrase, as he invented the prior phrase scientifiction which he lost with the rights to the magazine Amazing Stories.

    Science Fictions

  • For founding Amazing Stories and creating the term "science fiction" well, "scientifiction" -- his timing was perfect.

    A Conversation with Sonya Taaffe

  • Hugo Gernsbeck began publication in April 1926 of "Amazing Stories," the first pulp magazine devoted exclusively to science fiction (or "scientifiction," as Gernsbeck termed it), that would go on to feature the adventures of Buck Rogers and the Space Marines.

    James Kakalios: The Amazing Story Of Quantum Mechanics!

  • He did everything from the Gernsbackian "scientifiction" of the Thirties to comic strips to juveniles to adult novels that set standards for decades to come.

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  • An early fan of "scientifiction" stories, Dick also read widely outside the genre.

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  • I bought myself War and Peace because it was so long and because I'd never read it, and I bought David the new book from the man who wrote that animal book that was so popular a few years before, some kind of scientifiction thing called Nineteen-Seventy-Four.


  • I'm utterly besotted by the covers of the pop-science mags published by Hugo Gernsback, who founded the first science fiction ( "scientifiction") magazine in 1928 and for whom the Hugo award is named.

    Boing Boing: May 30, 2004 - June 5, 2004 Archives


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  • Recently a friend in America sent me a batch of ten-cent illustrated papers of the kind which are known generically as "comics" and consists entirely of coloured strip cartoons. Although bearing such titles as Marvel Comics or Famous Funnies, they are, in fact, mainly given over to "scientifiction" - that is, steel robots, invisible men, prehistoric monsters, death rays, invasions from Mars, and such-like.

    Seen in the mass these things are very disquieting. Quite obviously they tend to stimulate fantasies of power, and in the last resort their subject matter boils down to magic and sadism. You can hardly look at a page without seeing somebody flying through the air (a surprising number of the characters are able to fly), or somebody socking somebody else on the jaw, or an under-clad young woman fighting for her honour - and her ravisher is just as likely to be a steel robot or a fifty-foot dinosaur as a human being. The whole thing is just a riot of nonsensical sensationalism...

    - George Orwell, Personal Notes on Scientifiction, 1945

    December 1, 2008