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  • n. Any of various marine food fishes of the genus Centropristes and related genera, especially C. striatus, of coastal Atlantic waters of the United States.
  • n. Any of the various similar fishes of the family Serranidea.

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  • n. Any of various species of saltwater fish in various families, or a specimen thereof.

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  • A large marine food fish (Serranus atrarius syn. Centropristis atrarius) which abounds on the Atlantic coast of the United States. It is dark bluish, with black bands, and more or less varied with small white spots and blotches. Called also, locally, blue bass, black sea bass, blackfish, bluefish, and black perch.
  • A California food fish (Cynoscion nobile); -- called also white sea bass, and sea salmon.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A fish of the family Serranidæ, Centropristis furvus, distinguished by its peculiar caudal fin and its conspicuous colors, the body being brown or black and more or less mottled with pale longitudinal stripes along the rows of scales.
  • n. A sciænoid fish, Cynoscion nobilis, related to the weakfish of the eastern United States, but much larger. It occurs along the coast of California, where it is also called white sea-bass, and sea-salmon.
  • n. The sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus.
  • n. Same as drum.11 .

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  • n. the lean flesh of a saltwater fish of the family Serranidae
  • n. any of various food and sport fishes of the Atlantic coast of the United States having an elongated body and long spiny dorsal fin


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sea (attributive use) + bass (fish)


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