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  • n. Vulgar Slang An inept, foolish, or contemptible person.

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  • n. A stupid or contemptible person.
  • n. A card game, the aim of which is to lose one's cards

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  • n. a stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence


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shit +‎ head


  • “Gentlemen,” said Skinny, “I want the record to show I have never in my life been called a shithead, not since I was a young boy.”

    Closing Time

  • Reportedly, during a Senate Republican luncheon, when a colleague demanded an apology because McCain had called him a "shithead," McCain responded: "I apologize, but you're still a shithead."

    Win McCormack: McCain Wants to Be President: Those Who Know Him Best Express Alarm

  • Although Lindh was seriously wounded, starving, freezing, and exhausted, U.S. soldiers blindfolded and handcuffed him naked, scrawled "shithead" across the blindfold, duct-taped him to a stretcher for days in an unheated and unlit shipping container, threatened him with death, and posed with him for pictures.

    Why the Silence on Real Torture Timeline?

  • Apparently, in their world, calling Mr. Sidarth a "shithead" is somehow acceptable.


  • Victim, i was on your side until you called Marcuse a 'shithead' ... surely as a self-proclaimed 'Marxist' you can see the worth in many of the Gramscian concepts presented in one-dimensional man?

  • I was ruder than I should have been with the "shithead" comment.


  • The Family Ties star and manic blogger is calling people "shithead" and "human waste" for spamming her Twitter homepage, unaware she's seeing a new feature announced over a month ago.

    Gawker: Defamer

  • • Hoder: A strong majority of this 'shithead' have chosen this man to run their country.

    Editor: Myself (English)

  • The more traditional designations for the scum of the earth such as "shithead", "schmuck" and "fucking asshole" are being cast aside in favor of this more exotic epitaph.

    Lieberman Aide Threatens Reid: He'll Bolt Dem Caucus

  • Why I totally get it to an extent and then go, yeah, but after that point it seems to be used to either make a) you feel like a shithead or b) make someone else in your life feel like a shithead which is ironic since you're supposed to maintain that blessed positivity in face of F'ING everything.

    Snack Food: Tastes Great, Makes You Fat


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  • Ours is that thriving company noted for

    caps (worn by prankster drolls) on the peaks of which,

        gleaming, repose the simulacra,

           sculpted in plastic, of great big dog turds.

        Thus are we designated: Shitheads.

    - Peter Reading, Shitheads.

    January 29, 2008

  • WE love it when you share, gangerh.... :-)

    January 29, 2008

  • A couple of decades ago I was infamous for my headgear collection. My least liked hat was plastic replica turds on top of a baseball cap with the word shithead on. I can't believe I told you that.

    January 29, 2008

  • You reminded me of a Snopes page (warning: offensive racial language) about unfortunate-baby-name urban legends. This one is included there, along with the famous Latrine and Pajama. Also mentioned is Ima Hogg, recently discussed here.

    October 30, 2007

  • Have you read Freakonomics? In his chapter on Perfect Parenting (naming of children, among other things), Levitt refers to an individual born in California with the given name "Shithead." It was supposed to be pronounced "shu - TEED." I suspect it usually wasn't.

    October 30, 2007

  • Sometimes when I see this word, it looks like "shih--theed." I hate when my brain does that.

    October 30, 2007