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  • (For in the dreary deserts of loneliness one often learns to talk aloud very openly and confidentially to God, since people are so scarce and far away:) "Tempah the wind to this po 'shiverin' lam, deah Fathah!"

    The Way of the Wind

  • "Ay," says Peter; "'tis a sad death for an ol 'man -- squattin' out here all alone on the ice an 'shiverin' with the cold until he shakes his poor damned soul out."

    Harbor Tales Down North With an Appreciation by Wilfred T. Grenfell, M.D.

  • Why, he go out, an 'he hunt up de po' shiverin ', bleatin' lambs and brings 'em into de fol '.

    The Strength of Gideon and Other Stories

  • Miss Frona'd said that bedding was scarce, but it wasn't a cold night (more blowy than crisp), so he reckoned there couldn't 'a' ben much shiverin '.


  •   And I'm cradlin him in me arms and he's shiverin and the blood's splatterin all over me face, and the moon's showin blood all over the dog collar thing round his neck and me breath's catchin in me throat.


  • In a film that was chock full of scary movies, it was this scene punctuated only by random flashes of lightning that got my shiverin' in the cinema.

    Design of a Decade: The Greatest Hits of the '00s - Part I

  • I woke up with chills down my spine and my body all sweatin' out heat, but I'd be shiverin' all the while.

    Phantoms and Shadows

  • Some speak English, some speak French, some Spanish and Japanese (origato!) they have more in common than a shiverin 'in their knees all of them are slave to the demon cigarette this song is about people who smoke if you haven't figured that out yet


  • Peppy said ... wheee@ comfort food blogs. .totally need it in the shiverin california winters [heh heh]. .love the pics bilbs!

    smorgasbord has moved and is now back in commission

  • So there Istood, shiverin 'in me thin-soled shoes, when the coppers come and arrested me.

    Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine


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