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  • adj. comparative form of shrill: more shrill


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  • The protesters' calls for greater income redistribution and their denunciations of capitalism have become shriller, and the protests are becoming more violent and destructive.

    Fairness and the 'Occupy' Movement

  • Maybe he needs to get out there and be more on the hustings with a shriller voice than the one he's demonstrated.

    Is Obama Doing Enough To Win Over The Public?

  • The one-minute floor speeches and longer floor debates are becoming shriller and more personal, and the basest of all political instincts now have a viral host to go global.

    Turn off the cameras in Congress

  • But Kremlin watchers say that a shriller tone in recent days could spell rockier relations for as long as he faces political uncertainty.

    Kremlin Resorts to Anti-Americanism

  • Though he looses a shock-and-awe flurry of evidentiary darts (natural selection, fossil records, molecular biology, and much more), he also mutes some of the shriller tendencies that have unhinged — or at least made hectoring and unlovely — his previous works.

    Cover to Cover

  • He's full of hot air and bad ideas and, though his desperate supporters become louder and shriller in trying to praise his dubious performance, they are being drowned out in a drumbeat of negative appraisals by sober and conscientious citizens.

    McGinn Plans Second Housing Meeting; Still No Word on Fate of Housing Office « PubliCola

  • A shorter, dumber and shriller political discourse, it seems, has become another hazard of modern life.

    'Blood libel' and the rising tide of the catch phrase

  • Here's the interesting part: As the Internet blogging community (mostly libertarian/conservative), alternative cable news outlets (Fox News), and AM talk radio (again, mostly conservative) continue to hit the liberal media right where it hurts -- namely, in the wallet -- the mainstream liberal media's practically unanimous response is to become even shriller and more liberal.

    The Productivity Story, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • It were silly to think otherwise, cries the cultured world, with stronger and shriller accord.


  • Without you father, these voices will only grow louder and shriller and I will have no weapon against them.

    The Creature, to an Empty Chair


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