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  • n. The web or net spun by a spider; cobweb; gossamer. Also spider-cot.


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  • You find yourself ignoring clothes and looking at an inky foot, a spider-web neck, a dragon shoulder.

    Tattoos: Eyecatching – but are they art?

  • She burst through as though it were filmy spider-web and disappeared in the underbrush.

    Jack London's Short Story - Planchette

  • A spider-web pattern of cracks appeared in the glass.

    DELUGE (Part 44) – Brian Keene

  •   And soon, very soon, Anna's frustrating problem was known to a ragged spider-web of people on two continents.

    Cellphone Girl (Part I)

  • Then this spider-web that was stretched across two trees, smeared across my face.

    We Need to Breathe

  • Bracing the gun against his shoulder via its stubby, compacted telescoping stock, he fired a short burst into the cars, seeing glass spider-web and metal puncture and dust and water fly, while the gun roared, the spent shells cascading free in a brass-glinting spurt like flung pebbles across a lake.

    Dead Zero

  • If families are a delicate balance of personalities, then a multiple-marriage family is spider-web thin and strong, entangling all who enter with strong confusing holds.

    Randy Susan Meyers: Big Love in Nigeria

  • The iconic "spider-web" black-and-white keffiyeh is often displayed symbolically by members of Arafat's Fateh party (which more generally uses yellow as its party colour), although it has never been able to expropriate it as their exclusive symbol.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • She had traveled maybe two miles, through the spider-web of the base complex, meeting no one; for this month, the base was scarcely manned at all.

    New Race

  • Building facades were undamaged, but windows had punch holes without spider-web impact breakage.

    Propaganda vs. Projection: What is really the truth?


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