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  • Shaped like a spoon; spatulate; cochleariform.

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  • adj. shaped in the form of a spoon


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  • My glasses slipped down my nose as I used the pliers to depress a spoon-shaped metal lever of the trap, while I held down a corresponding lever on the other side of the foothold.

    How to Flirt with A Naked Werewolf

  • Patients hold a spoon-shaped antenna in their mouths to deliver a very low-intensity electromagnetic field in their bodies.

    Hopes rise for new cancer treatment after tests with electromagnetism

  • The music includes a gusli a hammered dulcimer with spoon-shaped sticks, and the performers sing weird, nonsense-ish rhymes.

    Stravinsky Crashes the Party

  • Aeoniums form rosettes of spoon-shaped blades at the tops of corky gray stems.

    3 succulents to consider for California gardens

  • She described the spoon-shaped design as having a smiling skull with sunglasses in the bowl and the body of a chameleon on the handle.


  • Back at the chapel, I recognize many of the individual pieces of work: the soaring, high-backed, spoon-shaped Throne, the various Ladders, stairways to heaven made by cleaving the inverted tree in two and joining the opposed halves with carved staves, and Vessels, symbolic boats carved from a single trunk.


  • Nash will often char a sculpture such as his tall, spoon-shaped Throne by encasing it in a sleeve of scrap wood and setting fire to it.


  • I knew because she had koilonychia, concave, spoon-shaped nails.

    Simple Skin Beauty

  • A Runcible Spoon is a spoon-shaped fork with one sharp wavy tine that can be used as a knife.

    BSNYC Ride Report: Slippery When Hairy

  • He had a scar across his forehead, bisecting the spoon-shaped bone ridge that gave Cardassians their Bajoran epithet.



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