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  • noun dated A horse used as cover by a hunter stalking game
  • noun politics A candidate put forward instead of any of several potentially successful candidates in order to initiate a leadership debate, gauge feelings, divide opposition etc.


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  • A stalking horse is a strategy or something used to conceal your intentions. It is often used where someone put themselves forwards as a candidate to divide opponents or to hide the real candidate.

    May 21, 2008

  • noun 1 a false pretext concealing someone’s real intentions. 2 a candidate for the leadership of a political party who stands only in order to provoke an election and thus allow a stronger candidate to come forward.

    -Compact Oxford English Dictionary

    October 21, 2009



    1. Something used to mask the true purpose.

    2. A candidate put forward in an election to draw votes from another or to conceal another's potential candidacy.


    After the former practice of bird hunters of hiding behind a horse (or a decoy) until he had reached within close range of prey.

    This week's theme: words about government, politics, and elections.


    1. Something used to cover one's true purpose; a decoy.

    2. A sham candidate put forward to conceal the candidacy of another or to divide the opposition.

    3. A horse trained to conceal the hunter while stalking. A canvas screen made in the figure of a horse, used for similar concealment.

    November 12, 2009