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  • n. An intermediate level between others in a mine
  • n. A subshell
  • n. A level making up part of a larger level.


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  • In bad swelling veins, or badly crushing walls, where constant repair to timbers would be necessary, the use of a sublevel is a most useful alternative.

    Principles of Mining Valuation, Organization and Administration

  • Ip address domains language telling the engine what makes your site regional? your domain name sublevel domains country code all require local links you can identify the language with META TAGS (the Lufthansa website does this).

    Multilingual Search - global search engine marketing news

  • As someone who's worked with many of the people behind PowerPC development quite a few of them came to Motorola from the D sublevel of the building I work in, my understanding is that PPC development was running out of impetus, and Apple was feeling a lot of pressure from Intel.

    Making Light: Amazon versus Macmillan

  • I had a late breakfast in the little room on the first sublevel, which Mother called her "office," as grateful as she must often have been for this retreat.


  • I said a few pacifying words to Felim, to ensure a decently cooked meal this evening, and rushed to my mother's office on the sublevel.


  • All the old sublevel hatches were replaced several years back with new ones.

    The Atlantis Prophecy

  • The Meat Locker on sublevel 6, as it was called, was built by his predecessor General Yeats to house an astounding discovery.

    The Atlantis Prophecy

  • A product that could be used in a few ways; as a one-off or con module, a stand alone adventure in an exisitng campaign, or even inserted into an existing dungeon as a sublevel, or central level.

    Seeking Advice

  • The kitchen was on the first floor, then a few steps took you down to the sublevel where there was a small living room, bedroom and bathroom.


  • I would hope that President Bush might be talking to some of these leaders to find out whether or not, in fact, there are some of these sublevel people you're talking about here who I think may be very ready for the kind of change that Mel Martinez and I are talking about.

    CNN Transcript Aug 2, 2006


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