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  • n. One who scavenges along beaches or in wharf areas.
  • n. A seaside vacationer.

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  • n. A seaman who is not prepared to work but hangs around port areas living off the charity of others.
  • n. Any loafer around a waterfront.

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  • A long, curling wave rolling in from the ocean. See comber.
  • A vagrant seaman, usually of low character, who loiters about seaports, particularly on the shores and islands of the Pacific Ocean.
  • a vagrant living on a beach.
  • a person who searches along a beach for objects of value, such as lost objects or seashells.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A long wave rolling in from the ocean. Bartlett. [U. S.]
  • n. A seafaring man, generally of vagrant and drunken habits, who idles about the wharves of seaports: used most frequently in countries bordering on the Pacific ocean.

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  • n. a vagrant living on a beach


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beach +‎ comber


  • Harris, the beachcomber, is searching for his descendants, to whom she would like to give her finds.

    Blue Angels Crash Relics Wash Up on Beach « Scavenging

  • So a new idea was born, sometimes called the "beachcomber express," in which the first ex-Africans were seashore dwellers who spread rapidly around the coast of the Indian Ocean, showing an unexpected skill at seafaring to reach Australia across a strait that was at least 40 miles wide.

    Did Early Humans Ride the Waves to Australia?

  • One of them was a runaway sailor, who had been living on the island several years (such being termed a beachcomber), a Portuguese, and six Kanakas, as the natives are called.

    Peter Trawl The Adventures of a Whaler

  • I don't see it, which means TLR may announce next week his plans to audition Craig at the position next spring. dub the beachcomber: wave master, we have too many outfielders and the braves are looking for one. they have lots of pitching. do you see a match up? which card outfielder is most expendable and what caliber player could they bring? thanks joe Top News Headlines

  • Joe Strauss: LaRue's injury virtually demands a suspension for Cueto. dub the beachcomber: Joe, this won't be popular but the way I saw the brawl and the Cueto incident was that Cueto was backed up against the railing and panicked and began kicking. Top News Headlines

  • Pay attention. dub the beachcomber: Big Kahuna, I haven't heard anything about Pinto or the other reliever whose name escapes me, that the cards picked up recently. Top News Headlines

  • After they are settling in, and Carey is recovering well, a "beachcomber", who reckons he is king of these islands, makes his appearance with a retinue of aborigines.

    King o' the Beach A Tropic Tale

  • Although I read German -- desperately, like a beachcomber sifting sand on a bad day -- even I could make out the tone.

    Jan Herman: The Mind Sashays

  • Since when has Fitu-Iva come to be run by a Levuka beachcomber?


  • The evidence for this "beachcomber express" is chiefly genetic.

    We Are the Apes Who Took to the Sea


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  • A name for a wave that rolls across a beach.

    March 21, 2011

  • The psammophile relative of seahorses.

    August 18, 2008

  • An unemployed, penniless pony that spends all day scavenging the beaches in search of food.

    August 8, 2008