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  • n. A plough.
  • v. to stop, to refuse to go on (of an animal - example - donkey or a possum plays dead)

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  • n. A plow.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A shorter form of sullow.


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Back-formation from sullen.

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Anglo-Saxon suluh, sulh, a plough; compare Old High German suohili a little plough.


  • These windows would have one fixed piece of glass glazed in the wood frame, and the other panel was removable (called a sull sash) for cleaning - clips in and out - easy to remove.

    Dual Pane wood windows

  • Option to remove the sull sash (second layer of glass) in the rainy season, if you did not want to keep it clean.

    Dual Pane wood windows

  • “Individual and Community in the First Generation of the Epicurean School,” in SUZHTHSIS: Studi sull™ epicureismo greco e romano offerti a Marcello Gigante, Naples: Biblioteca della Parola del Passato, pp. Frischer, Bernard, 1982.


  • It's flouted the rule of law and smashed civil liberties after "sull (ying) the name and reputation of the United States Supreme Court" by using the Court's authority to seize power lawlessly and keep it.

    Jennifer Van Bergen's "The Twilight of Democracy"

  • Why No 3rd Party? by sull on June 20, 2008 - 2: 53pm

    BREAKING: PdF2008 Hosts Obama-McCain Twitter Debate

  • Penso che qualcuno possa chiedersi perché¬dopo aver adottato ipotesi macroscopiche e metaforici campi morfici, che sfidano la logica della causa-effetto e persino la freccia del tempo, io sia ripiegato, in questi due ultimi capitoli, sull?

    Of Form over Substance: a review of Sermonti - The Panda's Thumb

  • Or just a phone that is technologically equal or better to the iPhone? reply sull

    Verizon: iDon’t Not Want The iPhone

  • What is it exactly that you want to see when you are typing on an iPhone besides the keyboard and what you are typing? reply sull

    The Problem With iPhone Killers…

  • If they do hobble that dent will be minimal. reply sull

    Verizon Droid Is The Real Deal

  • Giovanni Scoto nel suo tempo: L™organizzazione del sapere in età carolingia, Spoleto: Centro Italiano di Studi sull™Alto Medioevo.

    John Scottus Eriugena


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  • We always used it to mean the act of being sullen. Daddy would say "if you worry that steer all day long he won't learn a thing. He's just going stand there and sull." That's mid-Florida, mid-60s. Daddy was born in central Florida in 1923.

    June 11, 2009