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  • n. a thing: usually used to denote a known fad or popular activity

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  • n. A Middle English form of thong.


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An altered spelling of thing, representing pronunciation in the southern United States.


  • While most people accept that language will change with use and time, Sarah Churchwell appears to justify the increasing Americanisation of British English A neologism thang, innit, 10 May.

    Letters: Mind your English language

  • And although Sarah Churchwell's assertion (A neologism thang, innit, 10 May) that the -ize spelling is "much-maligned (in Britain)" may be true in some quarters, it isn't here at Oxford, where -ize remains, as it always has been, the preferred form.

    Letters: The 'ize' have it

  • It used to be pretty, but now its just pretty fat and pretty invisible. i can relate my friend, i can relate! this marriage with children thang is all so very much a love hate relationship - a mixed curse, uh blessing, indeed!

    Mommy Maria welcomes you « Bored Mommy

  • Feds bustin 'in the door and snatchin' ever'thang from a Bush appointee?

    The Fall Of The House Of Bush

  • And one more before I go do that writin 'thang ...

    Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street

  • If the whole Jesus thang is a beat-up, well, what can it hurt?

    Just to say --

  • In due course I'll have a natter here about the whole tie-in thang, in all its controversial glory.

    Phew! Head space is all cleared again ...

  • Psychodelic as his good friend Eddie Hazel, and a Jimi influence but the whole thang is in a new context with Zo also on the digital horns.

    View from the Northern Border

  • Jason Calacanis or JayCeeSquared (JC 2) - not to be confused with backstreetboy JC1 or Kfed (who now has his own homepage and myspace account with one friend) - has a penchant for calling people he likes "playaz" and those he doesn't or competes against as the King of Blogging (eg Jeff Jarvis) "playa haters" - Jeff told him to 'get back on the meds', but the really bustin Jarvis dope thang is when he takes the old school to the hood and tells em what time it is and pops them a hit of viagra, mainlined straight into their digital printing press.

    Archive 2005-12-01

  • One thing leads to another and, while they’re in the clinch later on that night, young Caleb realizes his sweet young thang is not what she seems.

    Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat


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  • a slang word meaning "thing"

    June 10, 2009