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  • adj. tiny, very small.


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  • I've known the word titchy since early childhood but had never thought about its origin until, on a recent trip to the Basque country, I became aware that there is a Basque word titxia pronounced "titchia", meaning small. TITCHY.

  • Little Tich is a familiar name to me, but I didn't realize 'titchy' came from him! TITCHY.

  • Then again, I did have every single Asterix and Obelix book ever published anyone with a remote appreciation of puns ought look up these works of genius, and the word "titchy" was often applied to Asterix. TITCHY.

  • Now, how in the hell am I supposed to know what "titchy" means? TITCHY.

  • The keyboard has been described as slightly cramped and the trackpad "titchy," so this maybe more suited to those with smaller hands.

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  • Alex at Shedworking calls it "the titchiest public library in the UK"; I had to look that up, and found that "titchy" is a British colloquialism for "very small."


  • Okay, I will be collecting royalties on those using the word 'titchy' from this point onwards, having previously been unaware that it was in fact derived from MY name, and all those bastards who point and laugh and go 'ahaha you were born small' were in fact begging the question. TITCHY.

  • So not really a plaything, and nowhere to keep it in a titchy house like ours.

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  • A titchy Sony mini system, which I've not even bothered to separate the speakers on.

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  • He took us to Syde Church purelly becuase it is titchy!

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  • When Celia was angry with Richie

    Her vengeance was cleverly bitchy:

    She’d cook favorite dishes

    But (this part is vicious)

    The portions, though tasty, were titchy.

    March 17, 2018

  • "It was the second batch of majoun that decided me. The first was forgivably small, but the second was titchy."

    Psychogeography by Will Self, 93

    October 16, 2010

  • eenswy-weensy. british slang. as seen in harry potter.

    July 24, 2007