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  • n. A loose-fitting jacket and pants worn by athletes and exercisers usually before and after workouts.

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  • n. a garment, usually consisting of a top and trousers (commonly known as tracksuit bottoms) worn as an outer layer by participants in sporting events such as athletics. The tracksuit is usually designed to be easily removed or replaced, before or after competing. Tracksuits have also been adopted in some cultures as leisurewear.


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track +‎ suit


  • Damn, oh damn! His mother's wardrobe smelt sweeter and was bare, too, apart from a clown-like garment which he identified as a tracksuit in shades of crimson and grey, dangling like a cheerful marionette.

    The Fifth Rapunzel

  • (Aniston providing Vaughn with a macchiato in tracksuit eg) However, I also never shared the 2.0 hope that open API's would ever work outside of a parent company directive. (having been in an equatable media/online company situation before) I do hope that Yahoo-Flickr at least optimise a physical producer with relevant psychographic experience (unlike their Bangalore Podcasts) to deliver an 'interestingness' babe 'cluster' that is better than Nicks 'flickrlicio. us.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • Teenage delinquents roam the streets with baseball caps tipped at ninety degrees, imitation brand-label tracksuit bottoms with the trouser legs tucked into their socks and wearing lots of fake gold bling.


  • If you think the picture of PM in tracksuit today trying to bury the NHS Health Scandal from Monday’s press

    Charles Clarke's Career Hangs in the Balance

  • "I've always known I wanted to be a singer," recalls a tracksuit-clad Mr Robinson, who is far from blue.


  • Guards were ordered to wear casual clothes such as tracksuit bottoms and polo shirts to

    Home | Mail Online

  • It was then that he noticed that Penny was wearing her tracksuit and thick boots.

    I’ll Walk Alone

  • Decked out in my favorite black tracksuit made out of windbreaker material with big green and purple triangles on the shoulders, I was ready to let it rip.

    Welcome to My World

  • Her name was Sandra and she showed up for our appointment wearing a blue Juicy tracksuit, as if she were a personal trainer or something.


  • In fact I may have puked on your friend while wearing the tracksuit and banging her.

    Get Laid or Die Trying


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  • Now look at the kid from school

    He's teaching mamas and papas how to be a little cool

    He's changing fashion, the way he dress

    The tracksuits are old, and the hoody's way too moody

    For a kid with the will to funk

    He dances in secret; he's a part-time punk.

    (The blues are still blue, by Belle and Sebastian)

    May 16, 2009