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  • v. Present participle of undergo.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Suffering; enduring; patient; tolerant.


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  • Arms crossed, tucked in against the cold, she squinted at Isobel, her expression undergoing a strange battle between concern and outrage.


  • Since then, he's had a crash course in the tools and economics of content online, which he describes as undergoing a "revolution" as a result of the 3G iPhone and the movement of television out of the home. Media News

  • Right now, publishing in undergoing fundamental changes and the opportunities for authors are wide open to try new things.

    Practice Failing Until The Day You Can Fly. Lessons Learned From The Wright Brothers. - by Joanna Penn | The Creative Penn

  • Simply it's the Earth-Fountain undergoing some preliminary tests in Iraq to resolve some mechanical kinks before its delivery to yet another outrageously themed megapark in Dubai.

    Earth-Fountain Redux

  • "Eh?" exclaimed Harley, his expression undergoing a subtle change.

    Bat Wing

  • That doesn't mean that Bono isn't entirely dismissing the idea of undergoing surgery.

    Chaz Bono Eager To Start Dating Again As Guy

  • It should be noted that the husband could derive monetary benefit from his jealousy because an innocent woman might be frightened by the idea of undergoing the trial of bitter waters which had legendary powers and potentially gruesome results and would forgo the trial, thereby forfeiting her ketubbah.

    Legal-Religious Status of the Suspected Adulteress (Sotah).

  • I stayed in bed as long as I possibly could on Saturday, toying with the idea of undergoing drastic facial reconstruction and moving to Orange County “the dark side of the Orange Curtain,” as Claire called it, where no one would ever find me.

    Fashionably Late

  • The average American woman shrinks from the thought and prospect of suffering pain; she is quite intolerant with the idea of undergoing even the few brief moments of physical suffering attendant upon childbirth.

    The Mother and Her Child

  • Note also that as production advances and per unit costs decline the name is undergoing rapid EBITDA per BOE expansion.


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