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  • Not practical.
  • Not dictated by or in harmony with experience in actual work: as, an unpractical scheme. Synonyms See impracticable.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adjective Not practical; impractical.

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  • adjective Not practical, impractical


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  • And yet, so hopelessly unpractical is he, that you see they are already back in the rightful owner's hands.


  • I believe that teaching of the Master, so often regarded by men in this world as impracticable and unpractical, is not only morally the highest, but in actual practice it is the most effective, as the experience of men and of nations so abundantly proves; and the higher you and I rise in the direction of chivalry, the more do we reveal our kinship with our Heavenly Father Who allows His sun to shine upon the evil and upon the good, and sends His rain upon the just and upon the unjust.

    Chivalry in the British Empire

  • I admit I might be called unpractical if impenetrable forests and destructive floods lay between here and Putney; it might then be as merely idealistic to praise Putney as to praise Paradise.

    G.K. Speaks - A Misunderstanding About Method

  • But I wish to insist here that it is exactly what is called the unpractical part of the thing that is really the practical.

    Utopia of Usurers and Other Essays

  • The type of ecclesiastic whom I would like to see in a place like this would be a man deeply sensitive to art and music, with a strong mystical sense of wonder and desire; visionary perhaps, and what is called unpractical, believing that religion was not so much a matter of conduct as a matter of mood; in whom conduct would follow mood, as a rush bends in the stream.

    The Silent Isle

  • Her love and reverence for her father and her pride in his attainments were very beautiful: and in order to appreciate what it was in him that inspired this great sentiment, not only in his daughter, but in so many leading men of that time, the eccentricities of the man whom the world called unpractical and visionary must be forgotten, so as to get a glimpse of the Alcott who was the intimate friend of Emerson -- a genius, a philosopher, an optimist, in spite of failure and in spite of opposition.

    Three Unpublished Poems

  • Afrikaans-speaking homeland into the proposed Afrikaner state as being "unpractical".

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • And thus, from age to age coincidence was added to coincidence and the result of all this "unpractical" labor was, at long last, a calendar.

    Popular Science Monthly Oct, Nov, Dec, 1915 — Volume 86

  • There is about them nothing incomprehensibly transcendental, nothing "unpractical," nothing aloof from the life we live -- if we live it fully -- but wholly the contrary.

    Platform Monologues

  • Fourth, the inessential 'unpractical' activities are themselves far more connected with our behavior and our adaptation to the environment than at first sight might appear.

    Talks To Teachers On Psychology; And To Students On Some Of Life's Ideals


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