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  • adj. Not tended

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  • adj. lacking care and attention


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  • At the moment, the idea of untended livestock seems more troubling to me than what a disease says my body can't do.


  • We suggest that "untended" behavior also leads to the breakdown of community controls.

    Broken Windows

  • We can see hints of miasma too, again in the backstory, in the death of Semele and her pointedly untended grave.

    Notes Toward a Theory of Narrative Modality

  • TV on DVD Next week's releases of past television series The state of affairs not likely to be undone soon is the one on display in the quarters that are home to the town's poor—slums of terrifying squalor where diseases flourish, exhausted women die untended after yet another pregnancy, and girls don't get to go to school because there are young sisters and brothers to look after.

    A Formula So Old It's New Again

  • "Hi, Vee," said a dark-haired woman of 35 who was leaning against a cyclone fence that enclosed an untended garden.


  • That epic conflict shattered the international system beyond recognition, leaving across the globe a broad swath of destruction and human misery, as many as sixty million people dead, cities in ruin, factories demolished or idle, roads and bridges destroyed, and fields untended.

    Between War and Peace

  • Against my cheek, her door feels feverish, and through the gap in the weather stripping leak the smells of a life neglected: hair weighted down by human grease, armpits gone to seed, untended kitty litter, kitchen trash not carried to the dumpster.

    Me, Butterfly Hu, and the Damnable Season

  • Together with spitting up blood in the kitchen sink, which had gone untended for years.

    Brooklyn Story

  • To my untrained eye it looks big enough to crack the foundation if left untended.

    Dirty Secret

  • A rush of thunder hits my ears, and the next thing I know, I'm flat on my back, looking up into the untended fields of Petra's nose hairs.

    Anhedonia (excerpt)


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