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  • adj. unexpected
  • adj. unimagined

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  • adj. so unexpected as to have not been imagined


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  • He welcomed challenges; they kept him sharp, showed that he was approachable, and oftentimes made him explore avenues previously unthought-of.

    The Shattering

  • This is worth repeating: whenever the unthought-of is experienced or manifested, it is always a steppingstone or a how to another place that you have been thinking about.

    Manifesting Change

  • Whenever the seemingly “unthought-of” unexpectedly lands in your path, it is always a steppingstone to another place that you have been thinking about.

    Manifesting Change

  • The three potential visions of the web discussed here are not mutually exclusive, but instead are likely to be combined in many as yet unthought-of combinations in the future, along with other new technologies.

    Web 3.0, Change, and Libraries « ResourceShelf

  • Just as many other previously unthought-of thoughts had only just occurred to him.

    Winter Bloom

  • Certainly the Second World War provided a number of elements that were almost unthought-of of by the average person on the streets.

    Fighting in the Future « worlds in a grain of sand

  • These commands can be combined in certain prescribed ways to create new unthought-of commands and functions.

    The Nature of Technology

  • Physicists the world around are tingling with anticipation, looking forward to the discovery of the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking, and wondering if this will be revealed to be due to supersymmetry, extra dimensions, new gauge interactions, or something as yet unthought-of.

    Calling a Crackpot a Crackpot

  • Despite some of the imagery being couched in High-Victorian terms — “The room was filled with the noise of bells, and speaking-tubes” and “pneumatic post” –, the story is amazingly accurate in its description of the use of technology that would have been unthought-of at the turn of the last century.

    2006 July 31 « Mudpuddle

  • This Government has been wrongfooted time and again as hastily cobbled-together legislation has proved to cause entirely unexpected problems in a field unthought-of by the original drafters.

    Archive 2008-08-01


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