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  • adj. Not revealed; hidden; secret.

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  • adj. not made known


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  • In return, he informed me of a design he had conceived, to stimulate the surrounding chiefs to some exertions for their country; but as he never mentioned his name, I concluded he wished it to remain unrevealed, and therefore I forbore to inquire it.

    The Scottish Chiefs

  • Nor will the fact that we dare not inquire his will, preserve us from the necessity of acting in some such matter as we call unrevealed, and where shall we find ourselves then?

    Unspoken Sermons Series One

  • Not that it was silent; we would not call it mere silence, that brooding and impenetrable darkness charged with doom unrevealed, which is now our silent night, unrelenting to lonely watchers.

    Waiting for Daylight

  • But what that plan was, was fated to remain unrevealed.

    John Halifax, Gentleman

  • Answered the other, "I seek connection with thy house, and I come desirous of betrothal with the lady concealed and the pearl unrevealed, which is thy daughter."

    Arabian nights. English

  • The full range, extent, and nature of Starsmore’s psychic abilities remain unrevealed.

    Marvel Thursday Thirteen -

  • Many people take a passive role in their career management, waiting for the company development process to lift them up or banking on their manager's ability to decode unrevealed career aspirations through perceived actions, behaviors and abilities.

    Antonio Lucio: The Importance of Self Advocacy

  • If one proclaims herself the standard bearer of literary excellence and is allowed to spew such invective against another artist in an allegedly serious review publication, one wonders if the editors of this publication have some unrevealed agenda.

    Warren Adler: Should Novelists Review Other Novelist's Novels?

  • Indeed, the film's greatest flaw is probably its explicit disclosure, revelations that would have been better left unrevealed.

    "I wonder if I'm allowed just ever to be."

  • A yet unrevealed Dance chapter would be super sweet ...

    Coming to Chicago


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