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  • adj. That cannot or must not be uttered or expressed: "I burned in the unutterable beauty of being alive” ( John Peale Bishop). See Synonyms at unspeakable.
  • adj. Being such that pronunciation is impossible: unutterable consonant clusters.

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  • adj. Not utterable; incapable of being spoken or voiced; inexpressible; ineffable; unspeakable.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Not utterable; incapable of being spoken or voiced; inexpressible; ineffable; unspeakable.

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  • Incapable of being uttered or expressed; ineffable; inexpressible; unspeakable: as, unutterable anguish; unutterable joy.

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  • adj. very difficult to pronounce correctly
  • adj. too sacred to be uttered
  • adj. defying expression or description


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un- +‎ utterable


  • Elohim, etc., and still less Yahweh, the ineffable name, i.e. a name unutterable to any human tongue; instead of these, they used metaphors or expressions having reference to the Divine attributes.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 1: Aachen-Assize

  • Gone, – past – buried in unutterable scorn, – are the days in which I appealed, either to him, or from him.

    A Letter to the Queen on Lord Chancellor Cransworth's Marriage and Divorce Bill

  • The third name is the name unutterable which means the All. Talks with Brother V. strengthen, refresh, and support me in the path of virtue.

    War and Peace

  • When is anyone in authority going to utter the unutterable, which is that our financial collapse ultimately goes back to the fact that every dollar in circulation derives from a loan made by a bank to a producer, consumer, or the government, and that all these loans have attached to them a rental charge known as interest which is paid to the bankers 'monopoly?

  • "Unspeakable" in the dictionary means the same as "unutterable" -- but the former is always used to mean something base or vile, while the latter usually means some rapturous or divine thought or emotion. Grammar & Composition

  • SBG: the word "unutterable" also occurs in heel's phenomenology of spirit, page 66: "what is called the unutterable is nothing else than the untrue, the irrational, what is merely meant [but is not actually expressed].

    FallNews - Unreadable.....

  • In his attempt to register the extent of his "unutterable" bliss at buying his freedom, Equiano offers a list of comparable moments of joy:

    The State of Things: Olaudah Equiano and the Volatile Politics of Heterocosmic Desire

  • In such a project the spiritual element of understanding, i.e., the grasp of the relations between the points on this mental map and the external world was relegated to the margin as simply "unutterable".


  • It was absolutely necessary for him to delineate accurately "all monstrous, all prodigious things," -- to utter what might to others appear "unutterable," -- to relate with the air of truth what fables had never feigned, -- to embody what fear had never conceived.

    Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches — Volume 1

  • What was that line from Henry V, something about the shame, the unutterable shame?

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Burger Lite 26 Feb


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