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  • v. To make useful, to find a practical use for.
  • v. To make use of; to use.
  • v. To make best use of; to use to its fullest extent, potential, or ability.

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  • v. put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose


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From French utiliser, from Italian utilizzare, from utile ("useful"), from Latin ūtilis, from ūtī ("use"). Attested c. 1810.


  • Development must be integrated and sustainable, that is to say utilise our resources to satisfy present needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

    Mayibuye Editorial

  • The inordinate jealousy Italians have of foreigners, and their fear lest they should "utilise" Italy, and carry away all her wealth with them, has been the source of innumerable mistakes.

    Cornelius O'Dowd Upon Men And Women And Other Things In General

  • When you use 'utilise' you're telling me that you're throwing flowers at a bad idea in the hope that I will go 'ooh, nice flowers' instead of 'ooh, bad idea'.

    Planet GNOME

  • In the recently launched, National Mission on Education through ICT, they say that, "The peer group assisted content development would utilise the Wikipedia type of collaborative platform under the supervision of a content advisory committee responsible for vetting the content."

    Archive 2009-02-04

  • Just as Russia shares its best with the world ESA, CNSA, ISRO, ... all of whom utilise the best of Russian spacetech in their programs.

    Minor Damage Seen on Atlantis - NASA Watch

  • Fully utilise e-commerce – Some AEC businesses, particularly those involved with supplying products and materials, have already embraced e-commerce, but there must be scope for other AEC businesses to offer either existing or new services over the web.

    The internet as a lifeline for SMEs « pwcom 2.0

  • We spoke before the tournament about the need to utilise our squad over these opening two games given the proximity of the fixtures and that is what we have done.

    Scotland ring changes ahead of World Cup match against Georgia

  • Innovation nevertheless is welcome as is reform to utilise the assets and capabilities of communities, improve society and tackle inequality.

    Please explain your true values, Mr Cameron | Editorial

  • Indeed, the chairman of the Bangladesh's Power Development Board, Alamgir Kabir, commented that the new plants will "initially utilise imported coal" but that "local coal will be utilised once the country starts extracting local coal significantly"

    Carl Pope: Asia's Carbon Noose: Part Two

  • Might I suggest you utilise a Bag, I prefer to create my own, with grease proof paper, that way you are able to cut the tip to the required size.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Havsy’s cake shoppe.


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  • See also utilize. It's just as bad.

    December 25, 2006