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  • A comedy would scarcely allow even the two Antipholises; because, although there have been instances of almost indistinguishable likeness in two persons, yet these are mere individual accidents, 'casus ludentis naturæ', and the 'verum' will not excuse the 'inverisimile'.

    Literary Remains, Volume 2

  • The most suitable way of defining a system S of many-valued logic is to fix the characteristic logical matrix for its language, i.e. to fix: the set of truth degrees, the truth degree functions which interpret the propositional connectives, the meaning of the truth degree constants, the semantical interpretation of the quantifiers, and additionally, the designated truth degrees, which form a subset of the set of truth degrees and act as substitutes for the traditional truth value "verum".

    Many-Valued Logic

  • The Economist has concerns about "the ethics and realpolitik of assassination," yet the lack of any significant international criticism of the operation against OBL's compound flies in the face of any legalistic or moralistic concerns and demonstrates that we are de facto conforming to the principle of verum esse ipsum factum Giambattista Vico, 1668-1744.

    Amir Madani: How to Bring Jihadist Fundamentalism to Its End

  • Other music will include 2 specially composed fanfares by Colin Mawby, a former Master of Music, and his setting of Ave verum corpus.

    Update on Some Liturgical Details for the Installation of Archbishop Vincent Nichols

  • Ave, cuius nativitas [Hail, whose birth] nostra fuit solemnitas, [brought us joy] ut lucifer lux oriens [as light-bearing morning star] verum solem praeveniens. [went before the true sun]

    Josquin's Ave Maria

  • When the funeral oratory fades away, and the day comes for nil nisi verum in place of nil nisi bonum, I anticipate that history will see Edward Moore Kennedy as a man who squandered his golden opportunities, partly owing to egregious faults of character but more because he espoused no coherent ideas.


  • He divides the water in the form of Cross with his hand, then makes the sign of the Cross over the font three times, at the words “per Deum vivum, per Deum verum, per Deum sanctum”.

    Compendium of the 1955 Holy Week Revisions of Pius XII: Part 6.2 - Holy Saturday and the Blessing of the Font, Litany of the Saints, Mass and Vespers

  • Deum verum, genitum non factum/Very God, begotten not created

    Venite, venite « Write Anything

  • O condicionem miseram non modo administrandae verum etiam conservandae rei publicae!


  • Star anise Illicium verum is a universally used spice grown primarily in China, India and the Phillipines.

    Doctor Star | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles


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