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  • adj. that vibrates
  • v. Present participle of vibrate.


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  • He wanted to cheer on the Mad Man, but the dumpster was already vibrating from a nearby patrol.

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  • And this once broken, she went on impulsively in short, vibrating sentences --

    Under Western Eyes

  • It rises presently, full and strong, but every syllable rings out clear and perfect, even to the outer doors; it sinks to all but a whisper, yet each delicate articulation floats unbroken to the remotest corner of the outer aisle, till he who listens feels the word vibrating in his heart rather than in his outward ears.


  • But the roll-out of the party’s new ticket is being tightly held, with most aides unaware of the specific plans, with the biggest question being at what moment those phones will begin vibrating with a text message of the vice presidential pick.

    Saturday in Springfield - The Caucus Blog -

  • “Harriet,” he finally said, the one word vibrating with emotion.

    Chasing a Rogue

  • They took hold of the Web and sent word vibrating across the strands of that otherspace.

    The Dragon Never Sleeps

  • Darrell exclaimed, each word vibrating with anguish; "is there no hope -- no chance of escape for you from such a fate?"

    At the Time Appointed

  • But these which existed not in conformation are called vibrating flames and sparks, like as when the worker in stone striketh sparks from the flint with his hammer, or as when the smith smiteth the iron and dasheth forth sparks on every side.

    Hebrew Literature

  • The Little Gray Lady leaned forward in her chair and looked long and steadily at the heap of smouldering ashes; then she answered slowly, each word vibrating with the memory of some hidden sorrow: "I've had mine, dearie."

    The Little Gray Lady 1909

  • My hands and feet feel like they are vibrating, which is kind of cool.



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