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  • v. Present participle of quaver.

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  • adj. (of the voice) quivering as from weakness or fear


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  • And in quavering falsetto, with the customary broken-notes, the old man sang.

    The Bones of Kahekili

  • I told him my desires humbly, in quavering syllables.

    The Dignity of Dollars

  • Such a charivari as ensued, for just as my tugs at the alarm-bell began to take effect, the clock struck twelve, and the waits set up outside my window in quavering tones, with their teeth chattering from the cold, an old-fashioned lilt.

    A Christmas Cake in Four Quarters

  • [Fumbling and bumbling and frightened conversations as the Church quickly changes its position on women's ordination, with cardinals and the Pope whispering in quavering voices, Hurry!

    Oh, this is soooooo rich

  • There was some kind of quavering, high-pitched noise coming out of my mouth that seemed to come from my gut at the same time.

    "But I'm still an embryo/With a long, long way to go."

  • There was a kind of quavering buzz in it that made it warble, somehow, made the words slither uncertainly.

    Dead Beat

  • Mrs. Morrison could not for all that dissemble the disappointment and sternness of her heart, and the old lady glanced up at her as she came in with a kind of quavering fearfulness, like that of a little child who is afraid it may be going to be whipped, or of a conscientious dog who has lapsed unaccountably from rectitude.

    The Princess Priscilla's Fortnight

  • "I guess she'll know how to talk to him," Mrs. Spragg averred with a kind of quavering triumph.

    The Custom of the Country

  • We kept a friendly acquaintance going for several months, until at one time it grew tiresome when quavering over which movie to rent.

    Bear Circuit

  • He chanted to me, with his old cracked, quavering voice, the line of my descent and my essential high alii - ness.



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