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  • v. Present participle of throb.
  • adj. beating or pounding strongly
  • n. That which throbs.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. an instance of rapid strong pulsation (of the heart)
  • adj. pounding or beating strongly or violently
  • n. a sound with a strong rhythmic beat


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  • You should take care to include the word "throbbing" at least once.

    Isabel Kaplan: How (Not) to Write a Sex Scene

  • When I walked down the streets, the garish colors of the displays crawling and throbbing from the shield-skins of every building filled my eyes.

    365 tomorrows » 2009 » April : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • We slither out of Kosmische under the Elephant arches, slippery with sweat, at about quarter to three, heads throbbing from the rather-closer-to-metal-than-krautrock thrashing of Circle, a bit of a disappointment.

    Gay « Squares of Wheat

  • He tried to persuade the team to let him back in the game last week, even with pain he described as throbbing, but Peterson insisted he'll be smart about not pushing too hard.

    The Seattle Times

  • By constricting the dilated arteries to the head, which had caused that pounding head-ache known as throbbing, this medicine, I was taught to believe has the capacity to alleviate the headache due to migraine.


  • They swept the border States; opened twelve hundred miles of highway on the grand old Father of Waters; pierced every gate of life in the quivering body of the confederate South; drew their girdle of irresistible conquest around the vast chain of territorial lands, East, West, and South, back to the North again, and paused not until they had torn the heart of rebeldom throbbing from the midst of the Old Dominion, and placed Richmond, a votive offering on the shrine of that glorious Union that bent beneath the storm only to rise in more glorious majesty again on the shattered walls of

    The Great Funeral Oration on Abraham Lincoln

  • The damn ache, spilling forth, and seeming to creep from my very bones and pulse lightly, ever so lightly, beneath my skin, while calling a throbbing tune in despair …

    Strange Fiction 1

  • It recalled the throbbing unrest which the tick of his watch had set a-going in him, that moonlight night in the mountains.


  • The starry brightness above the blackness of the sea, the steep rising face of the hill, with the twinkling lights and flickering fires of the bivouacs, the throng of toilers among the great piles of stores, the mules and water-carts crunching along the gravel, the wounded waiting embarkation -- Mac saw what might be called the throbbing heart of Anzac.

    The Tale of a Trooper

  • This is known as the throbbing, or beating of the heart.

    The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English or, Medicine Simplified, 54th ed., One Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand


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