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  • n. One who acts in the place of a consul; a subordinate officer to whom special consular functions are delegated in a district already under the general supervision of a consul, or to whom consular functions are assigned in a district not of sufficient importance to require the presence of a consul.


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  • I was alarmed when it looked as though the vice-consul in Nairobi, Liliane Khadour, was going to take the fall for consular bungling and ministerial malevolence -- and that may still happen after the ministers involved get through carrying out "investigations" of their own shops.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • When Kai Bird first stayed in the hotel as a small boy in 1956, it was in Jordan, where his father was the United States vice-consul.

    Lost in the Levant

  • In the spring of 1956, Father was appointed vice-consul at the American consulate in the Jordanian-controlled part of Jerusalem.

    Crossing Mandelbaum Gate

  • A previous vice-consul, Frank Melloy, had jocularly labeled the flares “The flames of Hell!”

    Crossing Mandelbaum Gate

  • What the aristocratic Nusseibeh did not know was that even then the vice-consul who stood before him was in debt and living from paycheck to paycheck.

    Crossing Mandelbaum Gate

  • After the war he was appointed the American vice-consul for religious affairs.

    Crossing Mandelbaum Gate

  • Even then, as a lowly vice-consul on his first posting, he took delight in crossing social boundaries.

    Crossing Mandelbaum Gate

  • The arrests were confirmed by the Philippines' vice-consul in Riyadh, Roussell Reyes.

    Men in drag arrested in Saudi Arabia...

  • He had ended the second world war war as a British vice-consul in Isfahan and wrote with an easy subversive authority about the threat from Mohammad Mosaddeq who in 1952 threw him out of the country.

    Journalist spies: David Holden, Basil Bunting et al

  • The American vice-consul said Belgrade was “a city of dead.”

    Human Smoke


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