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  • n. Air pollution caused by substances (such as sulphur dioxide) emitted by a volcano.


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Blend of volcanic and smog.


  • (Added: vog is volcanic fog, that is, the murky sulphuric haze burped by the volcano on the Big Island which can get particularly bad when the volcano is actively burping a lot AND when the trade winds, which blow out of the east, aren't blowing the vog west into the Pacific.)

    you know it's bad when your eyes are watering

  • Kona gets 10 inches of rain a year, but it experiences off-and-on plumes of volcano smoke and fog - called "vog" - that settle along the coast that turn the air into Los Angeles-in-the-tropics.

    The Seattle Times

  • HONOLULU - A local researcher said what Hawaii residents often call vog is a mix of volcanic ash and pollution. advertisement | The islands have ... - Articles related to Coffee growers' convention

  • HONOLULU - A local researcher said what Hawaii residents often call vog is a mix of volcanic ash and - Articles related to Hawaii Tourism Inches Up 2.4% In Dec.

  • A local researcher said what Hawaii residents often call vog is a mix of volcanic ash and pollution. - Local New

  • [Sadly, this one's been edited down considerably:] "A vog is the video equivalent of a blog ... an informal, personal, desktop authored, low bandwidth, interactive digital movie."

    GreenCine Daily

  • Volcanic smog - known as vog - regularly emits from the crater, spreading a haze of toxic sulfur dioxide over the island.


  • Big Islanders have long lived with vog, which is formed when sulfur dioxide from Kilauea mixes with sunlight and dust particles.

    Starbulletin Headlines

  • "vog" - that's volcano fog - has been an issue not just for the Big Island, but occasionally for Oahu and Maui.

    The Orange County Register - News Headlines : Top Stories

  • Offshore, the "vog" of the furry sky gave the motionless sea the overboiled appearance of reheated soup, and in places the ocean was as scummy and opaque as tepid bath water.



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  • Vog: Volcanic fog.

    The air in Hawaii is thick with vog.

    June 18, 2009

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    edit: I found it! The comment was made on ennui. My faith in Wordie is restored. :)

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  • I knew someone named Vishnyu Abeyguneywardena, but we called him Vish.

    Guess that's not quite the same.

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  • Seems like a variant of fug. Also defined as a "Pejorative word using to curse men without having to slander dogs", on Langmaker.

    January 10, 2008

  • I knew someone called Vonig who was Vog to his friends.

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  • Usage, from "The Explainer" on

    "Even without medical or radioactive waste, volcanoes already release dangerous gases into the environment. In Cameroon, carbon-dioxide pollution from a volcanic crater lake asphyxiated several thousand valley-dwelling people when it displaced the available oxygen. Active volcanoes in Hawaii have caused problems with acid rain and "vog," a combination of volcanic gases and fog."

    I got all excited thinking it was a new word I could add to Wordie. Not only did uselessness beat me to it, but I already knew this word, so... I beat myself to it...?

    January 10, 2008

  • What a very cool three-letter word. I wonder if there should be a list for fog terms. And then I wonder if they all rhyme with "fog."

    March 6, 2007

  • I just learned this word today. Apparently it's a Hawaiian term to describe a dark fog caused by volcanic ash in the air. In that regard, it's similar to smog (smoke + fog).

    March 6, 2007