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  • v. To remove something by washing.
  • v. To wear away by the flow of water; to erode.
  • v. To cancel due to bad weather.
  • v. To lose traction while going around a turn, especially in cycling, motorsports and skiing/snowboarding.


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  • I took up my abayya and made my way downstairs, used the privy and ran some water from a spigot to wash out my mouth and splash my face, and began to feel human again.

    O Jerusalem

  • We learned that these boys sometimes made two or three dollars a day in this way, and that the streets of the town -- I think it was Marysville -- contained so much gold that a syndicate offered to level the whole town and repave the streets in return for the right to wash out the gold.

    The Story of a Pioneer

  • After a while, out crept the ichneumon to carry off the grain as was her wont, but spying the woman seated there, knew that she was on the watch for her and said in her mind, “Verily, this affair is like to end blameably; and sore I fear me this woman is on the look-out for me, and Fortune is no friend to who attend not to issue and end: so there is no help for it but that I do a fair deed, whereby I may manifest my innocence and wash out all the ill-doings I have done.”

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Further evidence of the deluge of imagery that was to wash out topical one-dimensionalism is also obvious, at least in retrospect, in "Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie," delivered in April 1963 at the Town Hall show in New York.

    Bringing It All Back Home

  • Doesn’t the Act wash out claims of distant relatives, Murbles?”

    Unnatural Death


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