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  • n. a device incorporating spinning, wind-driven propellers or pinwheels, used as whimsical outdoor decoration in a garden or on a porch


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  • So I was pretty much staying out of brainfail, except to note it was full of fail, but now that I've actually seen more of these clowns and their non stop whirlygig of muffukkin stupid?

    First Wednesday

  • Regarding the second paragraph, it seems to me that the “young guys” were not renouncing their organic heritage in this whirlygig atmosphere, but their intellect.


  • This is usually enough to cause them to seek a nice inside job, or one on a ‘squad’ ASAP, where they can get on the promotion whirlygig without ever going out on the streets (or at least only in daylight) and can spend their time ‘evidencing’ by fitting up anyone they overhear saying anything which could be construed as ‘ist’ After all this looks good on the PDR!

    Make the lie big, make it simple and keep saying it. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • That's a whirlygig you are referring to, and they are aquatic beetles.

    Nancy Pelosi; Courageous Hero

  • What are the whirlygig forms at the back of your house, may i ask?


  • I danced in a whirlygig dress sea smell throbbing up let's fly in an aeroplane no storm but the Perseids zip above the James River while all the tweeters in the meadow tweet holy holy holy lifted by a spaceship that proves the great inconvenience of love green lights spraying underneath your metal thumbs your Duchenne smile


  • I compete with a set of juggling balls, a German whirlygig powered by candles, and two sets of gaming dice from Israel.

    Seven Wierd Things About Harry

  • I was brushing my teeth the other night, not thinking about anything in particular, when between spitting and rinsing I found myself muttering, "Thus does the whirlygig of time bring in his revenges."

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • You were there for the last bubble burst, and you act as if this is your first time around the whirlygig.

    Zoho Goes Offline (in a good way)

  • The birds are forgotten, he lives only for this new whirlygig.

    Daddy Dialectic


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